I am really proud to announce that the Berlin Multimedia Desk of the famous press agency AFP (third in the world) is now powered by Nuxeo and Eclipse RCP technology. Multimedia Desks are in charge of the "Internet Journal", delivered to AFP customers' portals and websites.

We went live sunday night around midnight, switching from the previous system. Journalists were able this monday to use the new AFP Console (based on Eclipse RCP and Apogée) to read AFP internal feeds and author / publish / manage news items. Good news: content was rightly delivered to AFP customers!

Here is some proof: Yahoo News DE, AOL DE, FreiePresse, O2 customers were also able to see them on their mobile phone, etc. :-)

Eclipse RCP technology helped us to quickly prototype, build and improve journalists' AFP Console during short iterative cycles, demonstrating the superiority of Eclipse RCP to build next-generation web-enabled desktop applications. Nuxeo CPS is used as the Content Management server that stores, manage version, publish and distribution content to distribution systems.

It's really a great new deployment for Eclipse RCP and Nuxeo CPS for a critical application. After this first deployment, the system is expected to be improved and deployed on other AFP's desks.

It was a long night and a hard day but... after about one year of work and commitment from the whole project team, it's a huge satisfaction! Let's got for the next round! :-)

Read the complete case study at eclipse.org

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)