I know this might not be fresh news, but as there is no mention on blogs.nuxeo.com, here it is! :-)

Our core team haven’t rest a lot this summer… Nuxeo 5.1.0 GA (codenamed Memphis) has been tagged and released two weeks
ago! This new released is a big step forward for our ECM platform. There is many new features and
technical improvement in this release. And that’s great! :-) To get an overview of what’s new in this
release, please see the document “New and

From a technical point of view the release of Nuxeo EP rely on strong foundations: Nuxeo Runtime 1.3.2
and Nuxeo Core 1.3.2 has been also released some days before the full platform.

For developers and integrators, all artifact have been seeded to our maven
. Maintenance related fixes will be done in the 5.1
branch in our repository (which will roll out 5.1.x series) while major development work for new
features will happen in the trunk (5.2.x series).

A special note on the performance and scalability front: we have done a huge work on this side and ran
extensive performance testing (benchmark docs will be published in the following days). But most
important… the platform is fully scalable at the service level. This means that platform services can
be spread on any number of servers (which means you can tailor your deployment architecture to your
application needs). Plus, the platform’s build system (fully based on Maven) allow to easily generate
nuxeo.ear for each machine of your multi-machine deployment infrastructure, depending on services you
select by configuring assemblies for each of your server (ex: nuxeo-search.ear for the search and
indexing machine, nuxeo-core.ear for the content repository server, nuxeo-platform.ear for other
services and nuxeo-web.ear for you web front-end).

Thanks a lot to the whole development team and the supporting community. This is a really good piece of
software! On to the next version!… ;-)

To go further:

I hope to be able to blog more in the future to give more update on the software (new features, improvements, tips) and on the ECM in general. So much to say, so little time… ;-)

Stay Tuned!


(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)