We released version 5.4.1 of Nuxeo Document Management / Nuxeo Enterprise Platform today. It can now be downloaded from the Nuxeo website.

As usual this new release of Nuxeo DM comes with a new release of some other Nuxeo distributions - Nuxeo Content Application Platform 5.4.1 and Nuxeo Core Server 5.4.1.

This 5.4.1 release is a maintenance release of the previous version. It mainly contains:

  • all hot fixes published for

  • minor improvements.

Upgrading from to 5.4.1 should be completely painless.

Detailed release content

Hot fixes

All hot fixes for published via Nuxeo Marketplace and the Update Center have been incorporated in this new release.

Next hot fixes will be published only for this new release.

So if you want to be able to continue applying hot fixes, you will need to align with this maintenance release.

Hot fix contents :

Minor improvements

We also included in this release some minor improvements that have been back-ported from the development branch (what will become 5.4.2).

These improvements have been included because we think it can make the usage of Nuxeo platform and associated tools easier, but they do not impact the platform API and data.

To get a complete listing of the tasks included in this release, you can consult our Jira .

Setup wizard

On the first launching of Nuxeo DM, a configuration wizard is now available.

This wizard will help you set up the basic configuration for your Nuxeo server:

  • Network settings (http, SMTP and proxy settings ...)

  • Storage settings (Database, location of binaries, log files ...)

In the next release we plan to improve this configuration wizard by adding more configuration options and also including an upgrade wizard.


Java Launcher with embedded Shell

The Nuxeo launcher is now written in Java in order to be sure we have the same bootstrap code for all target platforms.

This also enables us to have a controller GUI that is available on all target platforms.

The controller GUI includes several useful features:

  • Start / Stop of the server

  • View of server log files

  • Automation Shell

For a list of Control Panel options and commands, refer to the documentation.

The Automation Shell replaces the previous RMI-based shell.

This new shell uses HTTP to communicate with the Nuxeo server and allows you to execute all Automation Operations via interactive commands or scripting.



Logs view Automation Shell

Update Center improvements

Some changes have been made to the Update Center to make it easier to use.

We have also added a MS Windows-specific installation mode.

Since MS Windows locks all the files that are loaded by the server, the Update Center cannot replace the files while trying to install an add-on or a hot-fix package.

To work around this issue, for MS Windows hosts, the installation process is now delayed until the next server restart.

Thanks to the new Java Launcher, restart can now be triggered directly from the Nuxeo Admin Center.

Nuxeo Studio package reload improvements

This release includes some fixes and improvements to provide better support for the hot reload of Nuxeo Studio packages.
For example, hot reload of themes and actions is now working as expected.

This release also includes some additional operations that can be used in Nuxeo Studio to create Automation Chains.

Upgrade notes

Since this release is a maintenance release, you should not have to do anything special for the upgrade, except upgrade Nuxeo itself. There should not be any compatibility issues on the code or on the data.