Nuxeo EP/DM 5.4.2 RC2 released

Thu 26 May 2011 By Stefane Fermigier

We've done yesterday a second release candidate for Nuxeo EP and DM.

You can download the packages (zip, windows installer, generic installer) here:

If you are running Debian or Ubuntu, you can also test it by adding:

deb natty releases datebased

and running apt-get install nuxeo-dm.

(You may substitute natty with maverick,squeeze`, etc. i.e. the nickname of your current Debian or Ubuntu release but it won't change anything for now).

77 issues have been resolved between RC1 and RC2:

Now we are focussed on delivering Nuxeo 5.4.2 final next week. We have a bug day today where we will try to crush as many bugs and outstanding issues (there are currently 159 of them):

If you'd like to help, please test the RC2 today if possible and submit new bugs to the Jira.

If you are into IRC, you can join to the #nuxeo channel on to participate in this endeavor.

NOTE: this is a release candidate, so don't deploy it to your production servers!

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