At Nuxeo, we have a comprehensive Content Services Platform that has been getting a lot of revamp work done by our very own Product team. The team is not all new but has been hard at work to answer to both customer and market demands.

Later in 2017, some members attended the biggest event in Product Management in Portugal - to build up on their expertise to design products and improve user experiences.

With an international audience and diverse speakers, it was 2 days of knowledge exchange over product management and ideation. Everyone was fully committed to the tasks at hand, so when there wasn’t a solution, there was definitely ideation.

The vast majority of Product teams attending the event actually shared so much more than one could think: they shared many of the same difficulties, the same ambitions, and the same processes. We live in an agile world now, where everything we do has to follow lean creation and ideation, or we risk losing track of the needs and evolution of the market.

At Productized, we had the opportunity to see brilliant minds working together through abstract requirements, and we learned to engage our own creativity and apply it to Product Discovery.

The conference offered us a holistic view on different ways of thinking, from a variety of actors in the Product Development field, simply by allowing the analysis of product teams’ efforts from all over the world - e.g.; comparing best practices, doubts, and daily routines, etc. I particularly relished this transparency and open-kitchen approach that pervaded the whole event, since it is at the base of Nuxeo’s products and work culture.

We attended various workshops, namely Lean Service Creation, from Futurice (Finland), Product Design Process and also Product Management 101, from Wildbit, with Rian Van Der Merwe (US). I was particularly impressed by Lean Service Creation, where we ideated over the conference format and what could be better next year, plus, why and how to make it possible.

This was the perfect way to lose inhibitions, engage with collaboration tools (post-its + wall canvas) and begin co-creating with other product managers and designers, on possible ideas. In the midst of all the excitement, we eventually sailed through a complete Lean Design Thinking Methodology, which finished with a 5 min pitch to the audience about why our own idea should be the best to implement.

On the last day, we had great speakers bring the stage of the auditorium alive with this same idea: Improving co-creation environments, where the design, the product, and the development teams work side by side right from the get-go! This new approach prevents a lot of misconceptions and lack of understanding regarding the different steps of product creation. Most of all, it reminds us that a product’s ownership doesn’t rest solely with the Product Team.

The talks also reinforced the message that the new standard (not that “new” actually) is for testing, testing, testing and always do it with real users. That is what will lead us to focus on the real problems instead of just elegant solutions.

For Nuxeo, it reminds us that if our solutions, like our Document Management System aren’t solving real user problems/needs, they might not be the most relevant options on the list. But how can we tell for sure? Well, that is something that we do best at Nuxeo: - talk to customers - more importantly - listen to customers. This is how I see the future of digital!

We’re ready to listen - are you ready to talk?