Nuxeo IDE 1.1.10 has been pushed to the Eclipse Marketplace!

We continue to release iterations to fix bugs and improve your experience with this developing tool that enables you to create applications faster and better.

So what has been updated? Here are the changes that we made for this release:

Nuxeo Project Conversion? Simplified!

The “Seam” project conversion has been removed to let you convert all your Nuxeo bundles, whatever they contain, with a unique “Convert Nuxeo Project” button.

We have also updated the way that the project is converted: we ensure that the classpath is maintained, so you can use your favorite M2Eclipse plug-in in your Eclipse with Nuxeo IDE tool and keep the dependencies that you have already set.

Hot reload technical update

Before, you had to put your Seam beans in a special source folder named “src/main/seam” so the Nuxeo server could handle them for hot reloading.

So with this new version, it has changed:)




You can add Seam beans in any source folder you like -- the hot reload will now manage them easily -- as well as other beans.






The Nuxeo Server is browsable now!

When binding the SDK to your Eclipse preferences, you will get a new folder in the project tree that gives you access to the Nuxeo server content. It will let you open/edit many conf files:




  • templates
  • config
  • log severity
  • ….. all files:)

Directly from your Eclipse now!





Bug fixes

A bunch of fixes have been brought to this new release related to:

  • Nuxeo Online Services account updates (with access to Nuxeo Studio)
  • M2Eclipse compliance
  • User experience

And if you’re wondering about the next steps for the Nuxeo IDE, new wizards are coming and our team is preparing a complete separate RCP product to let you use Nuxeo IDE without thinking about Eclipse!


How to upgrade your Nuxeo IDE:

- Let Eclipse do it for you
- Go to the Eclipse Marketplace, look for Nuxeo IDE and update!








Nuxeo IDE Documentation:

Nuxeo IDE Eclipse Marketplace location:

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