Hi devs,

Last week we released version 1.1.9 of our Eclipse plugin, Nuxeo IDE. It's as usual availLogo-nuxeo-IDE_big_transp_able through the marketplace or directly from the updatesite. First timers, you'll find everything you need to get started on our wiki.

So, what's new you ask? Well let's start with the coolest feature:

Seam Hot Reload

We've been waiting long enough and now hot reload is starting to show up in Nuxeo products. You can't reload the whole platform yet, but we made significant progress by adding Seam and WebEngine HotReload.

Better than words, here's the video showing how you can hot reload Seam code into Nuxeo apps.

As you can see in the screencast, we also added Seam wizards to help you understand how Nuxeo is using Seam. You have three different types of Seam bean, all heavily commented, explaining how to show content in a tab, execute code when clicking on a button or even how to wrap a service in a Seam component. And if you want to take this further by let's say, exploring the sources, there's a new way to do that as well...

SDK Introspection

One of the beauties of working with open source software is that you get to see all the sources, you get a complete view of how it's made, which makes the learning process much easier. That's why we added a new tab in the Nuxeo perspective called Nuxeo Components. It lets you browse all the services, extension points or components defined in the SDK. Here's a couple of screenshots from a component view:


You first have the bundle information, then a link to the implementation, the documentation, the services provided, and the list of extension points along with their contributions. Additionally, you have a link to the source of every java file referenced in those components.

And if Nuxeo sources are not enough, we've added the possibility to download sources of the third-party libraries we use. Right click on a jar, select properties and hit the download button. :)

That's all for today, but you can expect more NxIDE screencasts and tutorials in the coming weeks.
Happy Hacking :)