We have just released a new version of Nuxeo IDE. It's an Eclipse plugin that dramatically eases the development of Nuxeo modules. You can get it from our update site or from the Eclipse marketplace.

Code Completion

Among the new features available is XML completion for components and extension points. This has been developed by an external contributor, Sun Tan, that some of you may know since he used to work at Nuxeo and now works at Serli. He gave a lightning talk about his contribution during Nuxeo World. It's a great feature. Thanks Sun!

Define Marketplace Information

New Wizards

As with most releases of Nuxeo IDE, we have added some new wizards. You can now generate a basic unit test skeleton, or Studio based unit test skeleton. This means that your Studio project will be deployed in your test setup, so you'll be able to test it. The project's POM will be updated accordingly.

The Marketplace package wizard also makes it to this new release. It lets you create a project that builds a marketplace package according to your deployment profile, and also generates some integration tests (Webdriver, Selenium, Funkload). It is only bound to one project for now but will be updated in the next release.

Reload Studio Projects from Nuxeo IDE

When you hit the server reload button, and one of the projects to redeploy is bound to a Studio project, it now checks the update date of the Studio project and will download and reload it if necessary.

Root POM Improvement

We've cleaned up the POM generation for Nuxeo IDE plugin projects. If you don't fill the parent POM form, we generate a root POM with everything you need (maven plugins, repositories). And if you do choose a parent, the resulting POM will be much simpler.

Nuxeo IDE Operations to Studio Export

The Studio registry is no longer overwritten when exporting operations from an IDE project to Nuxeo Studio.