My two last months were under the sign of Africa. I put my RYG Nuxeo’s
T-shirt on and start to work. In two months I traveled to west and to east
Africa. Two goals: launch Nuxeo
Africa in west Africa, and improve relationships with our partners and
customers in Madagascar. That means lot of hours spent in the sky and… lot
of excitement about Open Source
advocacy and business development on Mother Earth.

Trip one - Nuxeo Africa inception in Dakar, Senegal

Nuxeo Africa is our latest
subsidiary, its goals are simple : capitalize on our clients in west Africa
and develop business in the subregion (Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast,
etc.). We already work in Senegal with great partners such as OpenSys
and Genesys and we may count on the support of our customers like the Government Agency for IT development in
and the Central Bank of West
African States

All the persons I’ve seen during my trip showed a great interest about
Nuxeo and its ECM
, especially financial companies, banks, TelCo companies and
government agencies. Many of them are currently in the process of validating
open source ECM as their global ECM platform using Nuxeo’s offer. We give
them an brand new sight on the software industry. Once again the focus on
added value services (not on license fees) that we allow, is very

All the lights are green, the market is there. All the prospects I’ve
seen seamed to share the same enthusiasm. Especially at the end of the
conference I gave about the interest of open source ECM solution in the
african context and
the strategy of Nuxeo Africa. Independence, cost reduction, ROI, needs
adaptation… different continent, same leitmotiv, same solutions !

All I received in Dakar was interest, good vibes and a real motivation to
go further. Trust me I can’t wait to go back there to launch our next
project. And, if you wonder… yes, parties are hot around!

Trip two - Civil State deployment and local partnership empowerment in
Antananarivo, Madagascar

In two years (I landed there for the first time 2 years ago) Madagascar changed a
lot, of course there’re still old european cars (like Renault 4L or Citroen 2CV) used as
cabs, zebus and rice based
main dishes with exotic names like Romazava
or Ravitoto. But… now there are WiFi hotspots almost everywhere in Tana (the
short-name for Antananarivo, Madagascar capital) and broadband internet will
be there in less than a year. I can not wait this moment, which means that
we’ll be able to work more efficiently with our partners and clients.

Since two years we work in Tana with e-Sight, a malagasy IT company, to build
the first open
source civil state management application for the City of Antananarivo. This project,
financed by the AIMF and lead by the City
of Antananarivo, is a great step for the government: reliable civil state
acts allow reliable ID card distribution, citizenship management, taxing,
etc... And all together we turn this project into a success that we can be
proud of.

Today, the City of Antananarivo runs Nuxeo État-Civil
(since one year) in all of its districts and manages about 6000 civil acts a
day. This application is a real success and provide a great experience to
the citizens of Antananarivo: Faster delivery of acts Faster search of older
acts No loss of data For the government, it means auditable act delivery
process, no more fake acts hence less corruption.

Nuxeo ECM Platform
is, maybe surprisingly, used there to manage critical data in a very
high-availability environment. We have a multi-servers architecture, a PDF
renderer engine, an audit engine and an AJAX forms framework. And for
Civil State Officers… it simply works well! :-)

Another point of this project was about our ability to transfer technical
competence to the local technical teams. After two training sessions, the
team of e-Sight is now able to maintain the application and most important
make it evolve. This case is the perfect illustration of the interest of
using open source solution in Africa : get technical independence,
high-level technical skills and low cost deployment.

But this is not the end and we have other opportunities in Madagascar.
It’s still confidential but I hope being able to blog about that soon. So...
stay tuned!

Africa from Paris

Here, at Nuxeo HQ we’re sure that Africa will become a major player in
Open Source development. We feel to act like pioneers. I’m quite sure that
in a few years, we’ll be very proud of what we participate to build

(Post originally written by Arnaud Lefèvre on the old Nuxeo blogs.)