We have great news today. Nuxeo Drive Mobile (iOS) Edition is available in the iTunes Store for all you iPad users out there. And if you’re a developer, you can also get the sources on GitHub.

I know you’re very curious, so I’ll start right off with screenshots:

Visualize your documentsVisualize your documents

Browse Your Synchronized DocumentsBrowse Your Synchronized Documents

The iPad app is optimized for Nuxeo Platform 5.9.3+. With this app, you can browse the Nuxeo Platform, open all the documents compatible with iPad native apps or using the iOS previewer.

You can also synchronize part of your content to your device for easy offline access. Typical use cases are the synchronization of Sales force documentation resources or QA procedures and standards.Smart&Soft

It has been developed by our friends and partner Smart&Soft. They develop kickass apps for every major mobile platform out there. They even open sourced their Android and iOS frameworks, android4me and iOS4me.

Nuxeo Drive Mobile Edition is also a good way to understanding what can be done with our iOS SDK. Which brings me to our last Nuxeo Tech Talk Meetup - it was about iOS. We invited Smart&Soft to present their activities and how they worked with our SDK to build Nuxeo iOS Drive Edition.

Then Arnaud presented the iOS SDK he developed for the Nuxeo Platform. His presentation was a bit more technical. He showed us the code and explained which choices he had too make and how Matthias helped us.