Following our goal in opening CPS Platform to industry standards, I am pleased to announce that Nuxeo has joined the JSR-283 (aka Java Content Repository 2) expert group and the iECM project at AIIM.

Florent Guillaume will represent Nuxeo in the JSR-283 expert group. He will bring more than 5 years of experience building content repositories, versionning systems and managing content for large organizations.

The iECM project, hosted by the AIIM, aims at creating a new international standard to ease ECM systems interoperability. The project statement says :

Interoperable Enterprise Content Management (iECM) will create an interoperability framework that enables information sharing across organizational and system boundaries.

I am delighted to represent Nuxeo in this project and work together with all major ECM software vendors to create this new interoperability standard. I really hope it will benefit to our customer and minimize the vendor-locking in this market.

At Nuxeo, we think that Open source is less about source code public availability (still, it's required) than about reducing vendor-lockin for customers benefit. Who cares about your source code if there is no documentation and if all data are locked in your repository?

Interoperability is definitely one of the key benefits of open source!

I cannot wait to see how open source and standards will transform the ECM market (when proprietary vendor will no more be able to use interfaces and content lock-in to keep their customers).

Open competition is on the way, for all ECM customers benefit... And we are working on it! :-)

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)