We are very happy to announce that the Nuxeo Mobile Application is now available for both iOS and Android.

Let’s take a look at the features that are available now and see what’s coming next!

Just like the regular web interface, the Nuxeo Mobile application allows you to browse your content: - View thumbnails of your digital assets and text documents, along with some metadata (creation date, creator name, version, state, contributors) - Preview digital assets and text documents (including notes) - Play your videos

A search menu entry allows you to do a full text search, and the results list displays the thumbnails and links to the documents.

Mobile Menu

List assets

Actions on Documents

Some actions are already available on the documents: - By sliding when browsing your repository, or - On the document view The Actions list is composed of:

“Add to /Remove from” favorites

Manage your favorite documents and retrieve them quickly in the “Favorites” menu. This provides direct access to your favorite documents, without the need for any browse or search action.

“Add to Collections”

Add a document to one or more existing collections. This feature enables you to gather documents that matter to you for a dedicated topic.


Share your documents through message, mail, slack, or any other available application with your contacts and colleagues.

In addition, on the document view, you can download your document and open it directly in its dedicated application. The action is available next to the filename.

Sliding Action

Add to Favorites

Open Directly in App

Focus on Collections

A dedicated menu entry gives you access to “Shared” and “Personal” collections. A Personal collection is one that you created and a Shared collection is one that someone else shared with you.

But that’s not all!

As mentioned above, a document action enables you to add a document to one or several existing collections. Once you have made your selection, you can view the list of selected collections, and uncheck some if needed.

Select Collections

View Selected Collections

And…that’s only the beginning!

In the next release of iOS and Android, one of the major features will be the management of “Read/Unread” state of documents inside collections. Users will be able to know how many documents are unread, and put all documents inside a collection to the “Read” state. In the following releases, among other things, we will be adding the ability to put one or more collections “offline” so that they can be accessed without any network access (for example when you have no wifi access during a travel!).

There’s a lot more coming so stay tuned for more updates!