Three months into the new year...have you kept your New Year’s resolutions? Now’s as good a time as any to take control! We’re hard at work here at Nuxeo to help you bring order and zen to your world of content chaos. This month we’ve been focused on giving back to the Open Source community and looking for more ways than ever to reach out to our customers and partners. So don’t be shy, tell us what you think, what you want to know, and how we can rock your world!

[buzz] …news and the latest on what’s happening in our world.

Nuxeo named to KMWorld’s annual “Top 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management” list

We’re thrilled at being included in KMWorld’s annual list of the “Top 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management.” For the last 11 years, KMWorld Magazine has scoured the CMS sector to find the most innovative companies shaping the content, document, and knowledge management world. Stationed alongside heavyweights such as Microsoft, Adobe, and OpenText, we’re all smiles knowing that, with less than 100 employees (although, not for long!), we’ve been able to deliver software that outshines our competitors on a regular basis.

Update on our Eclipse Foundation Proposal

Last month we announced our submission of the Nuxeo Core to the Eclipse Foundation’s Open Source Project. Since that time, we’ve garnered a lot of interest and captured the attention of two members of the Foundation’s architecture council: Cedric Brun from Obeo and Gary Xue from Actuate, who have graciously stepped forward as mentors on the project. Meanwhile our R&D moves full speed ahead as we prepare our first contribution to the project, so stay tuned! Want more? Review the proposal in detail and don’t forget to check out what our CEO, Eric Barroca, has to say about our involvement in this project.

The Chemistry Project goes Top Level

This month, the Apache Chemistry project has graduated from the Apache Incubator as a Top-Level Project (TLP) (see blog post on the Apache foundation). This is another major step for the CMIS standard, and we are more confident than ever in its future. We have been one of the early contributors to the Chemistry project, teaming up with some other Content Management technology providers, and we are really happy and proud that the project has successfully moved beyond the incubation stage.

Nuxeo joins the OW2 Consortium

Alliances are good and we’re happy to be one of the newest members of the OW2 Consortium. As one of the oldest open source technology and business ecosystems (founded in 2002), OW2 is comprised of more than 59 strategic and corporate members and over 1500 individual members spanning 3 continents. Many of our R&D partners (Bull, Enovance, INRIA, OpenWide, Talend, XWiki…) are already members of OW2, and, with their recent Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi), we believed it was time for us to join the consortium. Of interest is also their involvement in the Compatible One cloudware project, which Nuxeo is one of the major contributors to. We’re looking forward to submitting some of our own open source projects to the OW2 forge to benefit from the additional attention that their quality control infrastructure can bring us, as well as for the synergies that we expect from the interactions with the other partners

Nuxeo is hiring!

Speaking of competition, we’re looking for skilled, motivated and easy to work with Java Developers (junior, senior, or even interns, as long as you're willing to keep growing your skill set with the rest of the team) and a stellar Web Developer to join our marketing team. So check out these job descriptions and apply if you're interested.

[field notes] ...customer stories and experiences along the way.

An Intranet Portal for Leroy Merlin

As the largest player in the Do-It-Yourself market in France, Leroy Merlin is no stranger to keeping track of its nuts and bolts. When it came time to invest in a content management system that would allow its employees to literally bring the pieces of their work environment together, they chose Nuxeo Enterprise Platform to build their Intranet portal upon.

Addressing the collaboration needs of over 20,000 employees is an immense undertaking, to say the least. The project, which began in July 2008, was led by Damien Metzler of Leroy Merlin’s IT department who describes candidly how they were able to integrate Nuxeo EP and OpenSocial to create a rich interface for sharing information. Check out the complete interview on our marketing blog.

[geek out] ...developers at play

Developer’s Sprint Debrief

2 days, 20 developers, 4 GitHub repositories, countless pizzas, and cool code... Every quarter we take a couple days out of normal development projects and host our own little codefest. One of the topics for our last sprint focused on building a Nuxeo DM client for Android as well as some additional resources spent on a Bonita Connector. Check out Thierry Delprat’s blog to get all the tech specs for yourself plus a cool demo and, if this piques your interest, please join us for our next sprint. Just sign up to our dev mailing list and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Are you interested in FunkLoad testing?

You might have heard about FunkLoad, if not, check it out, it’s our load testing software that we make available—as always—as Open Source Software. In case you’re having trouble finding it, it’s just because we’ve moved its source code to Github (see Go there to try it out or, even better, get involved and contribute!

[inspire], tips, ideas, and events that make you feel warm and fuzzy

Don’t forget we have several upcoming webinars and events, take a look and sign up today!


  • Mobile ECM: What's Next? - 2011/3/16

  • Nuxeo DAM: The Platform for Rich Media Management - 2011/3/30

  • Why a Framework? Case Management with Nuxeo EP - 2011/4/13

Nuxeo Studio Demo Sessions

  • March 23, 2011 - 11am ET

  • April 6, 2011 - 11am ET

  • April 20, 2011 - 11am ET

  • May 4, 2011 - 11am ET


  • Configuration and Integration: Boston - 2011/3/14

  • Configuration and Integration: Boston - 2011/4/11

  • Configuration and Integration: Boston - 2011/5/9


The Eclipse Foundation’s annual conference, EclipseCon, will take place this year from March 21st to March 24th in Santa Clara, California. Members of our team, including Eric Barroca, Florent Guillaume and Bogdan Stefanescu will be presenting key topics and we’re also happy to sponsor The Eclipse Community Awards which honors individual contributors, the Eclipse projects, and the technologies that have made Eclipse a stronger community in the past year.

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<a href="/blog/meet-the-team-laurent-doguin"?utm_source=monthly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=enews20110314">Laurent DoguinEvery month we’ll introduce you to one of our team members here at Nuxeo. We’re a friendly bunch who love staying in-tune with our customers and partners, so we hope you enjoy taking a moment to see what makes us tick.

Meet Laurent Doguin, he’s a little bit rock-n-roll, a little bit country, and has a whole lot to give to the Nuxeo Community. In his new role as community liaison, he’s branched off from some of his main development projects to devote his time and expertise to helping the entire Nuxeo Community become more active and efficient in collaborating and contributing—a win-win for all! Exactly what kind of projects? Sky’s the limit, read on and let Laurent walk you through the process.