The NUXEO Monthly distributed some awesome company news this last week and we wouldn't want you to miss out on the latest. Here are some highlights:

  • Nuxeo's growing much faster than we anticipated, and in 2012 alone, we earned a 115% revenue increase just in the United States. We're both thankful and excited to be working with excellent organizations and large enterprises that contributed to this growth.

  • Recently, we published a case study on how Electronic Arts manages their video game builds using the Nuxeo content management platform. The project is an interesting use case of the platform, proving that content management has become more than just organizing documents.

  • Nuxeo Studio 2.10 came out and offers many new features and improvements such as a “generic search” widget and the ability to add custom sub-tabs to existing tabs.

  • In this edition, we focused on the Nuxeo community. Meet Nelson Silva, an active member of the Nuxeo community, and learn about his contributions; you can also meet Chloé Lopes, a Nuxeo Sales Engineer, to hear about her experience with the company. We also discussed Bug Day results, since many Nuxeo community members participated to help us fix as many bugs as possible. And, thanks to our partner Astone Solutions' contributions, we now have an add-on available in the Nuxeo Marketplace that allows you to save email from your inbox to any folder in Nuxeo.

  • We have a full webinar schedule, featuring topics ranging from an introduction to the Nuxeo Platform to EasySOA. You can also check the newsletter out to see the latest webinar recordings posted to the Nuxeo website.

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