Glassfish TV tomorrow!

I'll be playing Ed McMahon to Stefan Fermigier's Johnny Carson tomorrow on Sun's Glassfish TV. Well, perhaps one could apologize to Paul Simon and say "you can call me Al" ... of "Stefane Fermigier et al."

We will discussing a number of key areas of interest that are of
interest to Nuxeo users/developers, Glassfish
users/developers/crustaceans, and general Web ne'er-do-wells:

  • Our analysis of the (approximately) two dozen Java web technologies
    and how they perform under the strain of a transport
    workers strike

  • Our efforts to reduce the locking costs -and thus increase the
    number concurrent users served - of our large (>200,000 lines) JSF
    application, after we have had a few bottles of Beaujolais
    at lunch.

  • Maximizing the heat dissapation of a large number of JVM in a small
    machine room : Reblochon
    is the answer.

  • Our proposal for a new JVM bytecode op that could dramatically
    increase bandwidth utilization in applications that have complex content
    negotiation needs: MILD_INTRANSIGENCE_AT_THE_UN.

  • Finally, we will give an overview our use of Glassfish and OSGi in
    the 5.2 RC
    Release of Nuxeo
    une nouvelle de dernière minute») as well
    as various and sundry ideas that we have that are Java-, Glassfish-, or
    paté-related for the future of Nuxeo 6, Nuxeo 7, or the heat
    death of the universe