Rancher LogoNuxeo is excited to announce ourselves as an official service provider partner of Rancher! The team at Nuxeo is actively working to improve on our Cloud Content Management system and Rancher is an integral part of those efforts. Rancher is an open source platform for deploying and managing containers on the cloud and they recently launched a new partner program in October.

Nuxeo has been an active participant of the Rancher software and community since it launched in 2014. We have always been excited to share our experiences with the Rancher Labs platform as another member of the open source community at various meetups and special events.

Our primary use of Rancher has been via our Arken project which we’ve shared with you in the past. The major advantages of the Nuxeo Content Services Platform’s use of Rancher continue to be:

  • Our ability to remove custom Arken code used to support scheduling, provisioning, and defining the level of service. Rancher does that for us now!
  • The Stack and Catalog feature providing us with an easy way to manipulate our environments. Rancher provides us with the ability to treat our environments as well defined objects that can also be parameterized.
  • Rancher provides health check features that we previously had to support ourselves.
  • The Rancher health check and load balancing features work well together and facilitate support for rolling upgrades.
  • Rancher support for rolling upgrades when the stack or a container parameter has to change.

Nuxeo’s partnership with Rancher has been a great source of innovation for us in the cloud space and we look forward to expanding on our relationship with the team at Rancher. The team at Nuxeo is focused on improving our cloud experience. Stay tuned for more information as we continue to share upcoming improvements to our cloud offering and the partnerships used to support those efforts!