In about a month, as announced previously, we will be releasing Nuxeo Platform 5.6. This new major version will include many interesting and valuable features. This article will give an overview of the list of features that will come with this release, to help you understand, evaluate, anticipate, and plan... your Nuxeo projects!

Content Routing - workflow adapted to the business

This is certainly one of the most important features of Nuxeo Platform 5.6. Content Routing is a new default workflow engine for Nuxeo that provides better and simpler workflow capabilities for the Nuxeo Platform. It includes a graphical editor and viewer of document workflows within Nuxeo Studio, as well as tools to monitor and adapt the running instances of these processes.

It also makes the lives of end users simpler with more user-friendly content lifecycle actions.

The use of jBPM, the previous system used for complex workflows within Nuxeo, is still possible through a plugin, but is not the default solution anymore.

UI Improvements - faster, more intuitive experience for the end user

Following up on work done on previous versions, the 5.6 release includes many usability improvements to the standard Nuxeo user interface. The goal is to continue improving and simplifying the user experience. Concrete changes include:

  • a brand new document summary screen (learn more about it here),
  • a new CSS grid to help developers assemble new tabs,
  • more Ajax at many places in the UI.

    Tab Designer - design custom tabs from Nuxeo Studio

    Thanks to the above improvements in the way the user interface is implemented, Nuxeo Platform 5.6 provides the capability for users to implement their own tabs, in Nuxeo Studio, using a graphical editor. No development required!

    New Mobile UI Framework

    The new mobile web UI for any mobile device was developed based on HTML5 and JQuery mobile. It uses the Apache Cordova project for native binding with the mobile device.

    More Social Collaboration features to better connect people, projects, and processes

    With Nuxeo 5.5, a new Social Collaboration module was released. Nuxeo 5.6 offers a set of improvements to that module.

    • New interactive dashboard for the Social Workspace ,

    • Like and Vote features for documents,

    • Event management.

    Document Template Service - create, generate, and distribute office documents from your content

    Nuxeo 5.6 includes a templating system that enables document generation from existing data in the repository, based on document templates. This system:

    • Supports Word, Excel, and OpenOffice document types,

    • Extends the rendition system,

    • Supports the FreeMarker template associated with documents.

    Content Diff - view changes

    This module identifies and displays differences between documents and document versions. It detects changes in metadata and in documents, in the usual office document formats.

This release will also come with a set of platform-level infrastructure changes, including:

App-level multi-tenancy, to create apps for the cloud — private or public!

Nuxeo already had multi-tenancy capabilities, but multi-tenancy is a very complex topic. 5.6 offers a more complete solution for multi-tenancy support, based on Nuxeo domains. Directories and users are now tenant-aware, providing a truly isolated instance. The interface provides a dedicated area for tenant administration, separate from the global administration.

Updated Java and Tomcat support

Nuxeo 5.6 natively supports OpenJDK 7 and is bundled with Tomcat 7.

New package management system

The Nuxeo Platform includes a new way to install and manage packages onto the platform, based on the CUDF standard format and inspired by the Debian package management - APT. This provides developers with new deployment and management capabilities, especially when using Nuxeo with the Nuxeo Marketplace. This new system deals with dependencies, making it easier to install all required packages automatically for a specific plugin, but also solving conflicts between packages. One of the great strengths of the Nuxeo Platform is its modularity; now the installation and packaging process is modular also.

Improved core performance

Various improvements have been made to the performance of the Nuxeo Platform, including optimized content views and improvements to the internal cache engine of the repository.

And finally, as always with Nuxeo releases, a very strong priority was given to maintaining API compatibility. All of the changes in 5.6 have been implemented to preserve compatibility with previous APIs.

Nuxeo is open source, and the development process is open and transparent. You might already know many things about these improvements if you are carefully following the Git repositories of Nuxeo, and you might already know a lot about the new features in Nuxeo 5.6! If you are curious, we invite you to follow Nuxeo on GitHub.

This release promises to be one of the best versions of the Nuxeo Platform ever. The whole Nuxeo team has been working very hard on it, and will keep doing so until the release is out! We will soon provide release candidate packages - if you share the same enthusiasm, stay tuned, you’ll hear from us soon. We are looking forward to getting your thoughts, feedback, ideas and comments!

Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo's CTO, as well as Laurent Doguin (@ldoguin), our Community Liaison, hosted a webinar this week where they talked about this new version, and the Nuxeo roadmap. You can view the video recording of this webinar below. We will also host webinars with demos, in English and in French, after this version has been released. Don't forget to register and save the date!