Packaging improvement

Distributions are Marketplace Packages

The DM, DAM, SC, and CMF distributions are now available as Marketplace packages.

This new packaging system is used in the SetupWizard to allow to choose between different profile at installation time.
You can also use the Admin Center or the nuxeoctl to add or remove these packages.

For projects having a custom distribution based on one of ours, no problem, we provide presets for automatically transform the new unique Tomcat distribution into a DM, DAM or CMF.
Also, the "EAR" (zip) assemblies do still exist.

Using the wizard is just an additional option.

Coordinated Release

All distributions of the platform will now be released at the same time : CAP / DM / DAM / CMF / SC.

This is a little bit more work on our side, but this will allow to have consistent HotFixes management for all flavors of the Platform.

Plain-old WAR deployment through static archive

The support for static EAR has been extended to static WAR generation.
This means you can more easily run Nuxeo on a bare Java container, like a vanilla Tomcat!

The recipe is simple :

  • configure your Nuxeo as desired (deploying additional bundles or Marketplace packages)

  • run "nuxeoctl pack "

The pack command will produce a static EAR if you run JBoss and a static WAR if you run Tomcat.

Infrastructure changes

EJB3 phased out!

Nuxeo EAR packaging no longer comes with EJB3 support.
The support has been dropped due to very bad performances of EJB3 layer in JBoss 5.

If you used to communicate with Nuxeo services via RMI you can either switch to Automation API or use nuxeo-web-embedded distribution to deploy Nuxeo services directly inside your application.

Native Relation Store

The Relation Service can now be configured to use VCS (our native content persistence engine) as a backend instead of Jena/RDF.
This improves performances of the relation service and also allow queries to include properties on relations.

It's now the default configuration for Comments, Forums and Document relations.

This new default configuration takes care about compatibility so that if you have existing relations in Jena graph you will still be able to transparently access them.

New Task system

Until 5.5, the Task system was directly bound to JBPM.

Starting with 5.5, a new TaskService is available and use VCS to store task.

This new TaskService is a first step toward the integration of Content Routing as the default Workflow engine in DM (will be available as a dedicated package in Q1 2012).

Migration should be 100% transparent :

  • the Task Operations have not changed

  • REST APIs are maintained

  • Tasks created in jBPM and not directly associated to a process will be automatically migrated upon first access

  • jBPM Tasks are still accessible via the new TaskService

  • the jBPM task API is maintained

Theme Engine Improvement: Bring It on CSS!

Nuxeo Themes has been extended so that you can now contribute style of the pages with a plain CSS stylesheet.

The pages templates and layout are still managed by the Theme Engine, but all CSS information is now externalized to a plain a CSS that can manage flavors (pretty much as with LessCSS).

This makes styling of Nuxeo easier, both for a WebDesigner and a Nuxeo Studio user.

Content Persistence Engine Improvements (VCS)

Need for Speed?

Several performance improvements have been done in the persistence engine:

  • caching for proxies and versions

  • prefetch for complex properties

  • reduce network round-trips (insert/update/delete)

Queries on Complex Types

Queries on complex types are now supported in NXQL (see NXP-4464).

Improvements of the full text search and phrase matching have also been done (see NXP-6720 and NXP-8070).

Better Oracle Support

Some compatibility and performance improvements have been done for Oracle DB.

Forms Engine: more Layouts and Widgets Features

Misc improvements

A lots of small improvements have been done in this area, especially to improve Ajax support and provide more configuration options from within Nuxeo Studio.

Extended JSON export API

Layout/Widgets JSON export API has been extended and is now used by Android SDK to generate Forms on the mobile device.


We have finally done the work needed to provide full support of OpenJDK 6.

We also started to test the plateform with OpenJDK 7.

Build, unit tests and non-regression tests are running fine, so we will very soon provide official support.

For now you can still consider running Nuxeo Platform on OpenJDK 7 as experimental.

Third party libraries upgrades


Nuxeo is now using GWT 2.4.0.


JAX-WS libs have been upgraded to 2.2.5 in order to fix some compatibilities issues.


Nuxeo Platform is now aligned on OpenCMIS 0.6 that comes with experimental support for the CMIS Browser binding (JS compliant API).


User Experience

5.5 comes with a new look & feel and we have improved a lot of small details that should improve the overall usability of the platform.

Plus, it makes all customization & apps based on the Platform look nice by default! We hope you'll enjoy it! (and if you don't, you can customize the look easily!)

Rich Media as First Class Citizen

Based on our experience with Nuxeo DAM, Rich media support has been improved and merged into the main platform, as a system facet, so that all media features (conversions, players ) are available for any document type.

This also comes with a deep integration between DAM and DM that can now be installed side by side in the same webapp, the DAM UI becoming an Asset Browser.


The QuickSearch bow has been improved to support smart automatic suggestion of search filters based on user inputs.

Depending on user's input it will for example propose to search for Users, Groups, Documents containing text or Document having a given meta-data.

QuickSearch can also be used as a shortcut to Faceted Search.

You can try for yourself in the 5.5.

Unleash the Social Enterprise: more Social features for the Nuxeo Platform

New social features are available in DM:

  • rich profiles

    Now Nuxeo offers a rich profile for each user.
    Social Collaboration contributes to this profile to add social metadata. User can choose to make his profile public, or to keep it private.

  • activity stream

    This new features gives an activity snapshot from your connections - those who are working on documents and content in the workspaces that you are allowed to follow. This gives a fast and simple, but secure way to easily access content and documents in the workspace, as well as a quick link to the user profiles of those involved in managing the content you follow.

  • relationship between people

    Any user can now search for other users on the Platform and make a connection, by adding them to one of their relation circles. Once a user is connected to another he sees his activity stream (mini messages, document cretion and modification, etc.), his profile, his relations etc.

  • Social Workspaces

    These new spaces feature private and public dashboards for end users, gadget management, and content and document libraries. They provide a quick and simple way to publish and access information while collaborating with others.

  • mini messages

    Users can post and read short messages, from the people working with them in a social workspace, or from their relations

  • new OpenSocial gadgets

    Fully OpenSocial gadgets for Mini messages and Activity streams, they can be used outside Nuxeo (in iGoogle for instance).
    Gadgets related to Social Workspaces: listing of (public) Social Workspaces, Activity stream and mini messages of Social Workspace, listing of Articles and News.

Case Management

This new release of the platform comes with a new version of CMF that can be installed as a Marketplace package.
Compared to the latest publicly released CMF version (1.8), it comes with a lot of improvements :

  • Support for folderish caseItems

  • Abbility to send any document type inside the case

  • Content Routing improvements : new step type available : decisional folder

  • Better user experience

NB : For now, it is not possible to install CMF with other packages like DM and DAM because there are some content model incompatibilities. We hope to have a functional solution to this problem in 5.6.

Update Center Improvements

Update Center has been improved to easier manage of Marketplace packages and Hot Fixes:

  • install a package and all it's dependency in one click
    ( useful especially if you need to install HotFix 12 for example)

  • extended dependency management (including possible automatic uninstall of incompatible packages)

  • small usability improvements

Installation and Uninstallation of packages that are not fully hot-reload compliant are now delayed until restart. This should solve most issues encountered when running on MS Windows based hosts.

You can also use NuxeoCtl to list/add/install/uninstall/remove packages without using the Web UI.

Upgrading from 5.4.2

We have been careful about Data and and API compatibility, so migrating from 5.4.2 should be easy.

For more details, please refer to the public Documentation.