As you may have heard, Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is coming soon, and we are very excited about it! Without a doubt the biggest release of the 5.x era, we think it will make Nuxeo users and developers happy. Even if Nuxeo 6 is not that far off, 5.6 will do much more than fill the gap while 6 comes along. This new version raises the bar significantly for workflow capabilities, cloud readiness, mobility, user experience, and much more - innovation in action!

Because of all that, and because we take this step very seriously, we decided to adapt the release process a bit for the better.

A longer release process, with more community involvement

We decided on a longer release process over the summer, instead of the usual, shorter one. In the past, the release candidate stayed up for only a few days, and the communication and training on the release had to happen almost instantly. Our old, restricted schedule limited the involvement of users and developers in the community as well as ours to fine tune the new release.

We will make the first release candidate available this week, as planned, but instead of following with a final release directly on its heels, we will roll out the release candidate process for all of July and August, with the final release slated for end of August. In the meantime, there will be several additional intermediate release candidates as the changes are incorporated.

During this period, we will feature both versions for download on the website:

  • the Nuxeo Platform 5.6 RC (Release Candidate), as a preview for those interested in what the new version has to offer (ideal for evaluation and prototyping), and

  • Nuxeo Platform 5.5, for those going live more quickly, and who need the most stable version of the software.

Why this change?

We want the final release of the new version to be the best that it can be! The gap between 5.5 and 5.6 is big. We feel like having more battle testing will be a good thing. As the community grows, we would also like to involve more external users and developers than we have in the past. All that would be impossible over a one week release window!

More events to learn about 5.6

The good news is that the 5.6 festivity will also be extended! (...and we feel that this was a must!)

We hope you will make the most of this new release process. Remember, you will be able to:

As always, please feel free to comment below; your opinion matters.