Nuxeo Platform 5.6It’s summertime at Nuxeo, and the livin’s easy. Fish are jumping, and the 5.6 release process is in full swing. To ensure the highest quality final release possible, we’ve planned a summer full of release candidates for review and battle testing.

Release Candidate 2

As promised, the first release candidate has been vetted, reviewed, QA’d, and enhanced, resulting in a new and improved release candidate, aptly named Nuxeo Platform Release Candidate 2. You can download it now on the Nuxeo website. If you already played with RC1, now’s your chance to see the new version. If you haven’t seen Nuxeo Platform 5.6 in action yet, this is a good time to dive in and see the new features, such as content routing, content diff, tab designer, and social collaboration coolness such as a wall, like button, and voting.

On our side, we’ll continue to test, improve, and post new release candidates throughout the summer. On your side? Download, install, play with the releases, and most of all: send us feedback.

During this period, we will continue to offer two versions of the Nuxeo Platform for download on the website:

  • the Nuxeo Platform 5.6 RC (Release Candidate), as a preview for those interested in evaluating and prototyping the new version, and

  • Nuxeo Platform 5.5, for those going live more quickly, and who need the most stable version of the software.

Put down your fishing rod, grab a cool summer drink, and get started

I don’t know, maybe a mojito? Fruit and umbrella optional. Kick back, sip your drink, and:

  • play with it

  • ask questions on

  • report issues on

  • follow our 5.6 webinar series (links above)

  • and spread the word: blog on it, tweet about it - #Nx56!

As always, please comment below; we {heart} feedback.