Nuxeo Platform 5.7.2Today we released Nuxeo Platform 5.7.2, the second Fast Track version since we launched our new platform release cycles. Take a look at the release notes for the whole story. This version is coming to you roughly six weeks after the 5.7.1.

During this time we've been working a lot on the Content Automation APIs. This is the major focus of improvement for this release. We now have a REST API based on content automation that manipulates documents instead of operations. This will make the integration with new UI Frameworks like AngularJS even easier. And what will make this easier still is that you can also manipulate Business Objects (specialized document adapters) through this REST API.


Workflows have been improved a lot too. Now you can embed sub-workflows. This improves user experience and is much DRYer. You can also define escalation rules to trigger a chain of operations when a condition is true. These conditions are evaluated every 5 minutes by a configurable scheduler. We also added a new exclusive property to nodes. When the workflow engine runs an exclusive node, it evaluates the transitions one by one and follows the first one evaluated to true.

Digital Asset Management single asset view

And we are, of course, still working on DAM. We've added bulk tagging, improved the asset creation workflow, and added a single asset view. Take a look at the screenshots. We have enhanced the DAM support in Nuxeo Studio. All the default document types and schemas are now available as well as default content views.

Other improvements include: upgrade to the latest Metrics Java library and OpenCMIS versions, support for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) through a new extension point, scan importer improvements and much more.

You can download Nuxeo Platform 5.7.2 from our website.

The next Fast Track release, 5.7.3, is scheduled for September.