Nuxeo PLatform 5.7.3 is out!

Nuxeo Platform 5.7.3 is out! It's our third Fast Track release, coming to you roughly 7 weeks after the 5.7.2. Take a look at the release notes for the whole story.

We have used the time we had to dramatically enhance our REST API. We had already introduced the document resource and the business adapter in 5.7.2. With this new release we have added new resources like User, Group, Directory and Automation. It means you can do CRUD operations on them. Take a look at the resource endpoint documentation to understand how to use this. We've also added adapters to give you more granularity on this API (bLob, ACLs, operation, page provider...). Here's an example to make it easier to understand:


Using @blob will return the file of the document (the one store on the property given by the next URL segment), and chaining it to @op will call an operation (that takes a blob as input).

Resource endpoints and adapters can of course be contributed, like anything in the platform, making it really easy to actually extend this API. Keeping up with this idea, we have made the response context pluggable. For example, it is sometimes useful to get the children of a document while requesting that document or its parents, or even the associated workflow tasks.

Reassignment Widget

We've also updated Automation, adding a new tracing feature to ease debugging and the possibility to declare error management chains. Take a look at the documentation for the details.

And we continue to make improvements to the workflow engine. Among the latest additions are the multi-task node, which automatically creates a task per assignee; the possibility to reassign a running task to someone else while the workflow is running; and a better way to visualize the graph made in Studio.

Other improvements include: integration of Select2 based widgets to replace the old JSF selection/suggestion widgets, support of MVEL expressions in the scan importer XML mapping configuration, new groupComputer based on users or documents and more!

You can download Nuxeo Platform 5.7.3 from our website.

The next release will be 5.8. It will be a Long Term Support release and is scheduled for the end of October.