Nuxeo Platform 5.8
We just released Nuxeo 5.8, the first Long Term Support version made on our new release cycle. This is the version you should use for production now - it will be supported for the next three years. If you want to know what has changed between 5.7.3 and 5.8, please take a look at the release notes. If you want to know what has changed between 5.6 and 5.8, I have merged all the release notes in between those two. And if you want to follow what has changed between each version of Nuxeo, you should take a look at the release notes index.
Task Resolution
If you haven't followed the latest Fast Track releases, our main focus has been to improve our REST API, DAM module, Nuxeo Drive, Workflow engine and UX. Among the new features available since the latest fast track, 5.7.3, is a task resolution tab. It's a dedicated screen to solve one of your tasks and stay focused on the workflow. This can be helpful, for instance, with the Parallel Review workflow we just added.

Some of the feedback we received during Fast Track development related to issues people had when using Drive behind a proxy. So now you can add your proxy settings directly in a dedicated panel in Drive configuration.
New Look & Feel
Something else that should catch your attention when you try Nuxeo Platform 5.8 is the new look and feel. Lise has changed the default color flavor and updated all the icons. It gives Nuxeo a cleaner, modern look.

On a totally different topic, we've integrated Redis with Nuxeo. It's an optional feature that can be easily configured in nuxeo.conf. All you have to do is use the dedicated RedisService. The first one to benefit from it is the WorkManager. If you use the Redis implementation, you'll gain:

  • High-Activity work queueing, to avoid saturating memory or blocking

  • Queue persistence, to avoid lost jobs on shutdown

  • New feature: node-aware job execution

Other topics include updates in the PDF signature module, Content Automation and the REST API. We also did some work on our test framework. We integrated Mockito to ease Unit Testing and improved our WebDriver tests. Also, if you are a blog or website user, know that they have been removed from DM and are now an independent marketplace package.

A big Thank You to all the contributors, whether it was code, localization, documentation, tests, feedback. Thanks to Inigo Surguy, Jordi Mallach, Marwane Kalam-Alami, Nelson Silva, Patrick Buschman, Patrick Turcotte, Ron, Stéphane Galland, Sun Tan, Sylvain Chambon, Toweins, Vincent Bonamy for helping us make this new version of Nuxeo Platform. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone.

You can download Nuxeo Platform 5.8 from our website, or attend the live webinar on November 6 to see a demo.

What's next you might ask? Well we have already started working on the next Fast Track Nuxeo Platform 5.9.1. I'll keep you posted on the scope of this release.