Nuxeo Platform 5.9.1Nuxeo Platform 5.9.1 is out! It’s the first Fast Track release before our next LTS. Take a look at the release notes for the whole story. This new version does not contain many new user-visible features. Instead we focused on the infrastructure, doing some background work to enhance the platform and making it more accessible for developers.

One feature that you must take notice of and try is the Mule ESB connector. Thierry has been working on this for a while with Alain. They came up with a stable connector and a sample/documentation that will help you grasp the potential of this solution.

Another noticeable addition is the iOS SDK. It's here to help you build iOS applications connected to the Nuxeo Platform through the REST API. It already has several cool features like the blob offline cache.

5.9.1 is also the first Nuxeo Platform release compatible with IE 11 thanks to Guillaume's hard work on RichFaces.

As most of the changes are aimed at developers, don't forget to read the upgrade notes. We have renamed a bunch of modules and packages so this might impact your code!

You can download Nuxeo Platform 5.9.1 from our website.

The next release will be 5.9.2 and is scheduled for February.