Nuxeo Platform 5.9.3We just released our latest Fast Track version - Nuxeo Platform 5.9.3. Note that Fast Track versions are only supported until the next FT (Check out this blog post about our release life cycle).

Take a look at the 5.9.3 release notes for the whole story. nl-elasticsearchThe first major feature of this release is the integration of Elasticsearch. It brings greater scalability to the Nuxeo Platform. We use it to index all the documents in your instance. When you install this module, all the common page providers will query Elasticsearch instead of your RDBMS.

Another great addition that comes with 5.9.3 is the Collections type. A Collection is a folder-like document in which you classify existing content. Documents are not actually copied or moved into the collection, it only holds a link to the document in its original location.

If you follow the blog, you also know that we released an open-source implementation of the Box API that runs on top of a Nuxeo repository. The use cases we see for the Nuxeo Box API:

  • Allow developers to run “their own local Box server” using the Nuxeo Platform. This enables them to run a Box server locally, in a continuous integration chain, great for testing Box-based applications.
  • Serve customers with on-premises requirements (or different cloud infrastructures).

There are a lot of other new features that you can read about in the release notes and even try by downloading Nuxeo Platform from our website.

Now, we are on to Fast Track 5.9.4 which should be released in June. Check out our roadmap for more information.