Nuxeo Platform 5.9.4Today we release Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 5.9.4, with a new integration with Codenvy and some great user experience improvements. Let’s review.

What’s New For Developers

Here are some of new enhancements for developers.

Integration with Codenvy

One of the big items new to this latest Fast Track is integration with Codenvy, a SaaS development environment. Note that this is a phased integration.

The initial phase enables the development of a custom operation. Custom operations are operations you create that are not already found in the Studio Operation browser. You fully define the operation including what it does, what its parameters are, inputs, etc.

You can create these custom operations with the Nuxeo IDE, or with a Codenvy factory we have set up (it includes a ready to build sample operation). With Codenvy, the code and configuration environment are in a web browser, ready with just one click of the mouse.

Nuxeo Codenvy Factory - Sample App

Future iterations will enable deployment from Codenvy into a Nuxeo Platform deployment, giving you a one click test environment.

We are always looking for ways to make your application development with the Nuxeo Platform easier and faster, and we believe this gateway to the Codenvy cloud IDE platform will do just that, and, be more reliable than your desktop tools.

Read more about this integration and how you can try it out.

Improved Automation API

If you are building applications on the Nuxeo Platform then you should be looking at Content Automation. The Automation REST API provides a high level API over all Nuxeo Platform services. It exposes actions as atomic operations which you can then mix and match to design custom business rules and logic. You do all this without needing to write a line of Java code.

Once you have built your custom business processes you can plug them into the Nuxeo Platform as UI actions, event handlers, REST bindings or workflow logic.

In this latest Fast Track release, we have worked hard to ease the design and development process. You can now design Automation chains with parameters, enabling reuse of business logic.

We also improved the design UI and added a new text-based export mode to enable smoother learning and sharing with team members.

A couple of other improvements:

  • There are new operations for Collections Management: AddToCollection, RemoveFromCollection, CreateACollection and GetAllDocumentsFromCollection,
  • YAML representation of chains is now visible in the platform.

CMIS Updates

If you use CMIS, then you will be happy to hear that Renditions from the RenditionService are now exposed as CMIS renditions. However, if you want your renditions exposed to CMIS, your rendition definition must define a content type element.

In addition, Nuxeo CMIS content streams now support HTTP cache and last modified headers.

A Few Updates for Users

There are a couple of nice updates for end users.

A new auto update function for Nuxeo Drive is available. There is a manual mode which shows an icon with one-click updating and now a silent mode where you will be notified when a new version is available and when it has been installed. Also, from the Drive desktop interface you can filter out folders.

Also new is the Favorites collection. If a user pins a document, it will appear in their Favorites collection. The collection is automatically created when a document is pinned. Unpinning a document removes it from the Favorites folder.

Quick note for Administrators: Marketplace packages are now stored in “packages/” instead of “nxserver/data/packages”.

The latest version of Nuxeo Platform is available now. Download Nuxeo Platform, or check out the release notes first. You can review all Fast Tracks for 5.9.x on Want to know what’s coming in the next Fast Track? Check out the roadmap.