Nuxeo Platform 6.0 is out! This latest version brings improvements in the look and feel, search, and in the authoring, loading and management of content for the Nuxeo Platform Users.

Over the last few releases of the Nuxeo Platform, we saw an increasing number of customer and platform users create projects and build applications in Digital Asset Management systems and PIM (Product Information Management) domains. So a year back, when we started thinking about the product roadmap for this LTS version, we kept this trend in mind and decided to look into the several common characteristics of those projects. This was what stood out:

  • One user usually has to handle hundreds of thousands of assets or documents.
  • Management of the documents ranges from authoring with business specific software to publishing to Marketing and Sales systems or exporting to other systems.
  • Those projects typically involve strong integration with ERPs and third party systems to fetch or push business specific metadata, sometimes up to 800 metadata items to describe one document.

So, we focused on these characteristics to bring unique and innovative features to the Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management system ecosystem. We wanted to dramatically increase the content workers efficiency. Take a look at these features and why we think you will love them!

Simplify the Way Features Are Made Available

  • No more DAM/ DM separation: DAM features are made now available at the core of the application. There is no longer a need to go in a specific area of the application to, for example, preform authoring vs. collaboration. You can now collaborate, author, version, search any asset in the same unified and beautified interface: whether you browse the content hierarchically or search, it’s easy to understand!
  • Streamlined search options: You can now perform all the different types of searches in the Search tab. All of them benefits from the “full service” search capabilities that give you the ability to switch thumbnails/table display, select columns, save and share searches.
  • Flat design, lightened UI: Buttons are not display if not enabled and important actions are highlighted with a different background color .

Nuxeo Platform User Now Has Many Tools For Bulk Working

Collections: Collections allow users to explicitly group documents in any combination they need, wherever the documents are stored. It is a great way to organize your work, share selections, or track a list of files for a specific purpose. Developers with Studio can easily add business actions that will run on the whole collection. Collections can even be synchronized on the user desktop via Nuxeo Drive, this is a very unique feature provided by the Nuxeo Platform. Unlike most other desktop sync tools that only synchronize simple hierarchies of documents, Nuxeo Drive has the amazing capability of synchronization of “virtual lists of documents”. For instance, a designer can fetch their task list on the desktop in a few seconds and start working on their files.

Configurable Bulk Import Interface: For the Bulk Import Interface, you can quickly drop several files, tag them, apply them to collections, and much more, as it has become very easy to add new forms and actions to that interface. We know that repetitive tasks are time consuming, so it is really great that you now have a wizard to get it done ASAP!

Bulk Metadata Edition, spreadsheet mode: DAM and PIM often deal with large tabular metadata. We found the best method for editing these values is in a spreadsheet. The new nuxeo-spreadsheet module opens the result of a search in a spreadsheet-like interface. This provides the adapted cell editor for each cell and depending on the document property that is being edited, the cell displays a single drop down, a multi-value user suggest, a calendar, etc. We managed to mix the accuracy of a form with the commodity of a spreadsheet, users can paste values with a simple drag along any column. No doubt this one will save a lot of time for the users of your application!

The Spreadsheet ModeThe Spreadsheet Mode

Destkop Integration with Any Software

Nuxeo Drive is now used to launch your file editors from a single click in the web application (whether it is MS Office, Open Office, Autocad, In Design or Adobe Illustrator, Visio, …) and edit /save the file seamlessly. Coupled with existing workflow features, working with files and artwork has never been made this easy!

Getting the Most Out of Your Assets

An iPad application is available for having offline access to your assets. A very common use case is to publish documents to mobile workers: sales and marketing resources for the sales team, quality documents and routines for on site consultants, etc. This is now made easy with the iPad Application and its underlying iOS SDK.

Facets and Other Search Aggregates

Finally, in my opinion, this is the biggest improvement of the Nuxeo Platform 6.0: the addition of aggregates, aka facets. You can now quickly focus on what you are looking for among hundreds of thousands of assets, searching by time, categorization, author, etc. You can also use search on your tasks inbox to have a quick overview of your work. In some contexts like Case Management Platform, you can use aggregates to display some noteworthy intelligence information about how your workflows are executed and your cases are processed.

SearchThe new Search

By offering a better UI with more mobility, better integration, and improved importing, editing, and management options, Nuxeo Platform 6.0 provides major improvements in user productivity. Many of our customers and users have already started using this LTS version or migrating to it, and the response and feedback have been great. So, if you haven’t already tried it, now is the time to see for yourself what the Nuxeo Platform 6.0 can do!