Our clients in the education and research sectors have the same issues with distributing information in an easily consumable format as much as those in other domains, and their requirements for content management, while varying from one use case to the next, follow some interesting patterns.

In addition to the standard document management use case, our education sector clients use the Nuxeo Platform to:

  • build e-learning portals,

  • distribute course content,

  • automate administrative processes, such as registration, course listings, and requests for documentation,

  • host social workspaces for project collaboration,

  • share knowledge within their community, inside and outside the university,

  • provide an online resource library, for example to manage theses and other documents that have strong requirements for version management, access control, and potentially a custom workflow.

At Nuxeo, we get excited when our clients develop innovative and unique applications with the Nuxeo Platform, because it means that the project lead truly understands the benefits and the potential of a flexible, customizable content management technology. Following are a few case studies from the higher education world to illustrate that point:

  • Ecole Centrale Paris, an elite engineering school, developed a social extranet so their students could manage projects that involved other students, professors, researchers, alumni, and enterprise advisors.

  • HEC, Europe’s leading business school, used the Nuxeo Platform to provide an online workspace for each course, so instructors can distribute documents and interact with their students. It will eventually become the single point of access for the educational resources of all the teaching programs at HEC.

  • CollectionSpace, an initiative that includes the University of California, Berkeley, and several of its on-campus museums, is an open-source collections management application that meets the needs of museums, historical societies, and other collection-holding organizations.

Our higher education clients have told us that they need sustainable applications, so they can easily adapt to changing requirements and manage the total cost of ownership over time. They’ve also told us that in comparison with other ECM tools, the Nuxeo Platform is the best choice for developing content-centric applications that fulfill their requirements and enable them to manage the cost, with no surprises. For our French education sector clients, we have even started a dedicated forum so they could build their own branch of the Nuxeo community.

If you are also in the education space and want to innovate with the Nuxeo Platform, please reach out and join the community.