The Nuxeo Platform hotfix 5.6.0-HF10 is out and available for Nuxeo Online Services clients from the Admin Center or Nuxeo Marketplace. It’s also available in the maintenance branch of the source code tree.


  • [NXP-10801] - </HTML> tag added systematically on a rendition generated using freemarker engine

  • [NXP-10873] - Dynamically generate graph container id from the widget id

  • [NXP-10877] - Text download (green arrow) on Note documents truncates content with accentuated chars

  • [NXP-10889] - Tomcat AJP Connector configuration omits emptySessionPath attribute

  • [NXP-10892] - Duplicated javassist lib in test classpath

  • [NXP-10929] - Remove permission should allow to put a document to the trash

  • [NXP-10933] - Password are not hidden in summary installation parameters

Clean up

  • [NXP-10842] - inconsistent date formats in advanced search


  • [NXP-10841] - wrong date value used when querying for documents from the advanced search form

New Feature

  • [NXP-10268] - Add a token based authentication module

  • [NXP-10306] - Automation client: add an API to get a session using a token


  • [NXP-10297] - Ensure test features use FeaturesRunner#getConfig(Class<T> type) instead of FeaturesRunner#getScanner()

  • [NXP-10609] - Add internal-snapshots and internal-releases into qapriv profile

  • Note that major versions of the Nuxeo Platform are openly available for download. Hot fixes are available for Nuxeo Online Services clients as part of their subscription package.