“Timing, perseverance and years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” __– Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter

There's no such thing as an "overnight success". Sorry, Joe!

Ever hear someone refer to a person, product or organization as an “overnight success”? While often intended as a compliment, the notion of an overnight success usually implies a belief that the person or brand in question happened to have a huge stroke of luck; they merely won of some sort of divine lottery.

Of course, that’s total nonsense.

Rose got to thinking about the false notion of overnight success after looking back at his work with “a handful of brands not struggling with their content-related efforts.” Why are those select few nailing their content initiatives while others keep seeing mediocre results?

The best content-driven brands aim high; seek digital transformation

Far from being overnight successes, Rose writes, those winning brands have been working at their Enterprise Content Management system for a long time. But even more importantly, they have been working towards nothing less than a digital transformation of their business_._

From Rose’s article (emphasis added):

The teams didn’t start out thinking, “Let’s take a small idea and maybe it will incrementally turn it into something big.” No. They aimed high from the start – and committed to the long haul.

They asked themselves, “What differentiating experience can we create using content – an experience that would change our business?” …That journey of building that cool – eventually successful – thing was typically filled with years’ worth of failures, reboots… and risking.

Robert Rose is on target here. The brands with successful content initiatives will be those that reject “aiming low” with “just a bunch of okay stuff”. They will settle for nothing less than a digital transformation of their business that will drive game-changing external customer experiences as well as internal operational excellence.

The best content-driven brands utilize the best content technology

But these brand leaders also share another vital attribute not apparent in Robert Rose’s article: they are much more likely to have far superior technology in place to power its content-driven initiatives. They will not tolerate information silos and old, hard to use systems.

Simply put, winning brands not only work hard and aim high; they also work smarter with superior ECM and Digital Asset Management systems. Nuxeo’s customers are working smarter and reaping new business benefits from the Nuxeo Platform, which has also been years in the making. Far from providing just a content repository, Nuxeo offers configuration management using Nuxeo Studio; a powerful, dynamic, extensible developer API; an SDK, development tools and test tools; and packaging and deployment tools. In short, Nuxeo offers everything you need to rapidly build and deploy enterprise-class content-based applications capable of delivering business-changing experiences.

  • GSD&M, a leading Texas-based advertising firm serving Southwest Airlines and other brand leaders, selected Nuxeo as its new Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. Replacing an outdated legacy mega-vendor system, Nuxeo has empowered GSD&M to digitally transform its creative design process.
  • Electronic Arts chose Nuxeo as its ECM platform to replace an outdated system to track game development builds (one team’s work on one game can generate well over a terabyte of builds in one year). Nuxeo was successfully implemented six months ahead of schedule.
  • PTS America, one of the world’s largest producers of tableware, selected Nuxeo as its new DAM platform to manage its 10,000+ product designs – while cutting related costs by 20% in the process.
  • And SaaS vendors are increasingly turning to Nuxeo as their SaaS development platform – so they, in turn, can better transform their customers’ businesses.

Our customers typically get very excited about the power of the Nuxeo Platform very quickly (“overnight”, you might say!), which is thanks to years of exceptionally dedicated and focused development effort; in Rose’s words: “aiming high from the start and committed to the long haul.”

Robert Rose ends his article by issuing a bit of a challenge to all content-driven organizations:

As Mark Twain once said, “Overnight success is a fallacy. It is preceded by a great deal of preparation. Ask any successful person how they came to this point in their lives, and they will have quite a story to tell.”

What will yours be?

We at Nuxeo truly believe we do indeed have quite a story to tell, particularly to organizations that are “aiming high” with new, differentiated content experiences. If your organization is eager to digitally transform its customer engagement, brand value and business operations, the Nuxeo Platform is ready to help get you there.

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