We recently opened a Nuxeo account on Crowdin.

Crowdin is a translation and localization management platform that handles both documents and software projects.

We're trying to make it easier to manage existing and new translations. As of now, you only have the default English messages.properties file to translate. It contains the labels found in a regular Nuxeo Platform download. Some labels from specific add-ons might be missing. We'll add them soon. In the meantime you can already join the Crowdin project by going to the following URL:


When you join a project, you have the translator status, which mean you can propose a new translation for any label. I am looking for volunteers to become proofreaders. Proofreaders validate the proposed translations. Capgemini Netherlands is already taking care of the Dutch translation through this system.

If you want more details about the translation process, please read the how to translate Nuxeo and the Contributing to Nuxeo pages on our documentation site.

About dialects (like French Canadian for French), don't worry if they are not 100% fully translated. Crowdin will automatically fall back to the base language during the export.

We will take care of the Crowdin export to the nuxeo-platform-lang-ext before each release. This will be done manually at first, but should be automated in the future.

Feedback is welcome!