On behalf of Nuxeo, I have submitted, with great pleasure, a new proposal to the Eclipse Foundation : the Apogée project.

Maybe you are now wondering what's this about? Hence a quick resume...

This project comes from our thought about next steps in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market. More and more customers need specific application related to ECM to properly handle their data and integrate in a seamless way all their digital assets and involved processes. These applications share a lot of features and need many common services. ECM applications developers definitely need a framework that would ease the creation of this kind of desktop applications, when the browser is not enough...

Eclipse RCP is expected to play a major role for next generation desktop applications. In the ECM business, web interfaces are great, but some customers / applications need more (highly responsive interface, rich UI, desktop integration, offline mode support, etc.). I would call it the Web 2.0+1 (yes, I can play with Web version numbers too ;-): a highly dynamic application, with no deployment pain, auto-updatable, with reusable components, well integrated with the desktop and extensible, using web / internet open standards like HTTP, XHTML, XML, XMPP, XForms, etc.

We do believe that the browser won't be the only user interface and more than that, I personnaly do believe that the web is not all about the browser, it's about web / internet standard. The browser will only be a piece of tomorrow's desktop applications, Eclipse RCP will hopefully do the rest.

At Nuxeo, we already have delivered some projects in this area and have begun to create such a framework for ECM applications. We called it Apogée (yes, really!). It's time to take it to the next level. This project aims at building a framework to create ECM-oriented desktop applications, independent from vendor or technologies. This framework could be used to create applications that will be integrated with ECM platform like Nuxeo CPS, Documentum, Interwoven or any ECM platform vendor that would be interested.

OK... what's the menu?

The proposal is expected to be available in a couple of day on the Eclipse website and I'll make a note here when it will be the case, but here is some appetizers: RDF, XForms for Eclipse Forms, XML Schema, XMPP for communications, SOAP, Instant Messaging, Pluggable Editors, client/server synchronization, collaboration, synchronous and asynchronous team work, etc.

I am really exited by this project and work on it with our team since some month now. We are now going public and really hope to gather interest and convert this dream to a community-supported enterprise-grade application framework for next-generation desktop/web applications...

Note: Apogée is only the name we give to the project right now, we maybe will found a more meaningful name, after the proposal review process. :-)

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)