Nuxeo Studio 2.10 is out! You can login to Nuxeo Online Services and try the new features from the 2.10. The full release notes are available on Jira as usual. Our team fixed a lot of bugs and added improvements. Here are the main new features:

- A new "generic search" widget on the content view edit screens that is more permissive for configuring field binding. You can now leverage any of the queries that you can find on the NXQL reference page and bind the fields to the form, including all the complex properties cases.
- Support of IN operator for Integer type.
- Ability to add custom sub tabs to existing tabs using the "tab" feature, thanks to a new "category" attribute when editing the tab. You can add new tab categories using the action categories registry editor like in the screenshot below:


The Action registry The Action registry

The new Category attribute The new Category attribute


Don't forget that if you find bugs in Nuxeo Studio, you can report them on our Jira, in the appropriate project NXS.

I would also like to clarify the naming scheme of Studio version. The first and second number are used for major improvements. The third one is use for maintenance, bug fixing etc..