The Nuxeo roadmap is now available on

You can see the main items that are scheduled for each fast track, each with a short description. Green is for a released fast track version, blue is the next one to be released and orange is for upcoming versions.

Along with brief descriptions of items in the roadmap, you should also notice small icons on the top-right corner of each item that offers shortcuts to additional information. Other uses of the roadmap page include:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 14.40.31

  • View dates of all the scheduled releases.
  • Check out the development status of each item. For now it is a two state status: undone/done. We will migrate in the coming months to a three-states one: draft/ready-to-implement/done, so that you know how ready we are to implement the feature.
  • Get links to source code, user & dev documentation pages, blog posts and videos of items that are already done, so that you can use it as a tool for staying up-to-date with how the platform evolves. On this site, the information will always remain at a high level so that it is easy to get “reloaded” with the newest Nuxeo Platform knowledge whenever you need. This is complementary to the release notes site where you find the exhaustive version of all the work that has been done on a release.
  • See mockups of upcoming roadmap items.

Generation of the Nuxeo roadmap page is dynamic (see last paragraph of this post), which means it really reflects the current state of our roadmap. Every year at Nuxeo we set the main direction for the next LTS and do our best to achieve our goals. The order and path may change depending on events. Sometime we have good surprises or new ideas, and problems also happen. That’s the life of a product!

Hence this Nuxeo roadmap is not a contract, but a great opportunity for you to monitor where we are headed. Use it as an opportunity to give us your feedback.

In the future we will improve it with notifications, comments, better status of roadmap items and easy access to module specifications.

Now what about what’s in the roadmap itself? Other than working on the user experience of existing products like Nuxeo Drive and Studio, our focus is on:

  • Scalability, with integration of Elastic Search in the next fast track and a bit later a NoSQL implementation of the repository.
  • The cloud, with the opening of in Q2 (stay tuned for more information on this topic). We will also work on integrating with Codenvy, the online development platform, to provide you with a 100% cloud experience from design to implementation, going through development.
  • Mobility, with an iOS app for iPads and iPhone later on, and the release of the Android SDK.
  • JavaScript, continuing to improve integration with the JavaScript world, especially with the AngularJS framework.

From the roadmap site, you can access the corresponding JIRA ticket by clicking on the small corresponding icon on the top-right corner.linkToRoadmapItem

We used Bootstrap and a small JIRA API JavaScript client found on GitHub that wraps the JIRA REST API. Our interest to stay with JIRA is because in JIRA we link the roadmap items to real implementation tickets, which makes it easy to get the status of a given roadmap item. Source code is available on GitHub.