At Nuxeo, we think that ECM is to unstructured information (documents, actually) what ERP was to structured information in the ’90s. An innovative approach is needed to solve today’s business problems, unifying processes and tools for managing and storing this information.

Nuxeo offers a new vision for Enterprise Content Management system, driven by today’s world’s requirements. A world where most of the information to manage is produced by people using software. A world where most of the information produced by organizations remains unmanaged despite its exponential growth. A world where regulations and businesses survival require to put all this content under a strong and efficient control.

Nuxeo proposes a seamless experience, streamlining all aspects of content life-cycle. From capture/production to archiving, through indexing, publishing, approval or compliance checks, Nuxeo provides to companies a global platform to manage their content, given companies’ rules and specificities. Be it for thousands documents or for millions.

Nuxeo Enterprise Platform offers a unique experience to users and managers, integrating collaboration features into the document management system. Traditionally, document management and collaboration components are separated and seen as different applications by software vendors. In the 90’s, when this discipline was invented, DM was designed to reference, index and manage rooms of paper archives. This is not the case anymore: content is now digital and is authored or produced by software. Content to manage is tons of files, not tons of paper! How a solution designed from the ground to manager paper-based information and references could be adapted to manage tons of files, emails, IM, etc.? It can’t. It’s a real change in the content management paradigm: new requirements, new promises, new features and new foundations. Using ’90s requirements to manage today’s content is as inefficient as using steam engines to power 21th century’s trains.

Nuxeo streamlines content production, collaboration and document management into a global thought and design. Users can create content, share it, collaborate, apply business processes, classify it using the same application, same paradigms. Eventually, users can use a document management system without even knowing they are doing DM: they are just working together on content as they are used to with shared drives. But this time, content is managed, accountable, indexed and ruled by company’s standards.

Want a preview of what it means? Just download and try Nuxeo Platform now! :-)

Stay tuned for more!

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)