Documation Paris, the biggest trade show for Enterprise Content Management in France, has focused its 21st edition on Digital Transformation. Held at the CNIT Paris la Defense, Documation helps users keep up-to-date with solutions that improve content management in organizations.

Nuxeo at Documation 2015Nuxeo at Documation 2015

Alain Escaffre, Director of Product Management, Laurent Dreuillat, Senior Consultant at Nuxeo and I were at the trade show for 2 days to explain to the participants our vision of digital transformation that is changing the way companies now collaborate, share and manage their content. Content is more than documents or files - it is the very core of business knowledge and business information. Content Management has been around for many years (Documation is in its 21st edition!), but the solutions available in the market have never really changed. Some companies have dramatically improved the way we collaborate and share content, but among the ones present at Documation very few are taking Content Management to the next level. That’s how Nuxeo stands out - by transforming documents into software with the concept of Deep Content!

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Speed Demo of Nuxeo at the Sollan Booth - Documation 2015Speed Demo of Nuxeo at the Sollan Booth - Documation 2015

Content is definitely changing the way we collaborate to transform businesses and use the agility of software to combine the processing power of computers with the adaptability and the intuition of the human brain. This is what we call Deep Content. Big data powered insights / analytics, information from ubiquitous sensors and devices of the internet of things are creating a new world of content. In these 2 days, we showed people that Nuxeo has a unique approach to improve the way we work, create new lines of business and get a new level of insight, agility, actionability on business processes. Creating deep content applications is our way to digital transformation.

We met a lot of interesting people looking for innovative applications and software and changing the world to make digital transformation a success! Documation 2015 was awesome and we sure had a great time!

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