Last year, Nuxeo 5.5 released a Social Collaboration module, because the most important thing in your organization is people! We want them to interact and work together within their content management application.

Our role is to help you increase the cohesion of your teams and power up user-driven content with interactive features such as likes, comments, replies etc.

Here is what Nuxeo 5.6 will provide:

A New Wall for Your Workspace

Imagine you're working with different departments and people in different locations. How do you keep updated with what's going on? How do you know when they share content, updates, add interesting comments, replies, etc?

You need to have the information as soon as it is online, to be able to give your own documents, build a discussion, etc.

That's the key to reactivity!

That is why we added the wall, where you can see the activity stream and messages of your whole team. We added the ability to reply to all actions, comments, events, etc.


Users will at last be able to like a document (or, remove their "like"). The count of "likes" will appear next to the like option. It is very interesting to consult documents that have a large number of likes.

A gadget displays the most liked document in the repository, and the most liked document for the week and the month.


A gadget will allow you to view all the events planned for the team. The team leader (or any member, depending on the access rights) can add an event, giving the event title, the beginning and ending date.

Improved Configurability for Gadgets

The OpenSocial gadgets are now easier to configure, as the CSS and JavaScript files are now externalized as theme resources.

You can change the style or the gadget behavior just by overriding the right resource, without overriding the whole gadget.

You will have to wait until the 5.6 release to see all of this for yourself!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Delphine Renevey