We’ve just released the 2.0.6 maintenance release of Nuxeo Studio. This update is a maintenance release meant to address bugs found in the online release of the product, since previous maintenance release, and to incorporate small enhancements to existing features. Maintenance releases are scheduled to occur every two weeks. Does this mean Nuxeo Studio is very buggy? Not at all. As Nuxeo Studio is an online service, the Studio team has committed to this release cycle to ensure we can take your feedback into account immediately and quickly fix any problems you may encounter.

The content of the two last maintenance releases can be found on the Studio Jira project: 2.0.5 and 2.0.6.
Some noteworthy fixes and improvements from the last two maintenance releases:

  • Link to the Layout demonstrator: when you are in the widget editor, you can have a live demonstration of the widget and its parameters using this link.

  • A random behavior with Virtual Navigation configuration deployment has been withdrawn

  • Some built-in types (Forum, Blog, …) have been added to Studio, for use in the filtering screens, structure template etc…

  • A bug that prevented the display of a content view tab (when filtered using a permission attribute) was fixed.

We gather feedback from our internal use and testing of the product, but also from users asking questions through the forum and the Connect incident management tool [link?]. We actually encourage every user of Studio to leverage the Studio forum for their questions, so that answers can be shared with everyone.

The next maintenance release is scheduled for the beginning of May. At the same time, we are also working on the Studio 2.1 major release, a preview of features can be found on the jira project.