StudioYou may have noticed that we released a new version of Nuxeo Studio this week. For this version, we put the emphasis on improving the existing product based on user feedback, more than on adding new features. There are 5 evolutions/new features, 15 improvements and 19 bug fixes.

Some of the new features in this version include:

  • A new Tabs widget, compatible with Nuxeo Platform 5.7.3, that enables the display of tabs in the location of your choice. Previously, display options for tabs were limited to matching the default UI. Rendering options will be coming next.

  • New workflow features available with Nuxeo Platform 5.7.3 have been integrated in Studio: multi-task node, re-assignment support, new workflow events, new automation scripting objects.

Some noteworthy improvements:

  • Your project name and the feature you are working on are now displayed as the title of your browser tab or window.

  • Different colors are used on workflow transitions to improve readability of the graph.

  • The scripting assistant no longer improperly nests the @{} markers in the expression. It now tries to understand the position in the existing expression.

  • It is now possible to override the login page and configure the theme in Studio.

Some bug fixes:

  • The "Select All" shortcut "CTRL+A / Cmd+A" is back on Chrome and Safari.

  • Long transition names are now properly handled in the workflow graph.

We will now host the release notes on the Studio documentation wiki. You can check it out for more details: