Nuxeo Studio 2.15 was officially released last week, and it comes with Nuxeo Platform 5.8. In this version of Studio we expose some of the latest capabilities added in the platform, providing more configurability. This includes:

  • DAM widgets are now available in Studio. You can use them in tabs you create: Video story board, video reader, picture web view....

  • All Select2.js widgets have been exposed in Studio, with all their options. Select2.js widgets are the suggestion widgets in the platform. You have suggestion widgets in simple selection and multi-selection objects for users (silently replacing previous implementation), directories, documents (silently replacing previous implementation), and there is an advanced one to leverage any operation which returns some correctly formatted JSON, for advanced integration. Those widgets present new interesting options, such as being able to define the NXQL query used inline, or being able to format the value displayed in the list, thus making it possible to display multiple fields of the document in each drop-down item. Those widgets are a great illustration of the maintainability of the platform. Users who configured their forms in Studio two or three years ago will benefit from this new set of widgets without any effort, as they replace the former implementation, when relevant.

  • New categories of actions have been added to the header and the footer. You can use the "Main Tabs" category for adding new navigation links to strategic locations in your repository (links will appear beside the Home and Document Management tabs).

  • New operations are exposed.

  • Faceted search configured with Studio that uses full text search is now compliant with the top-right suggest box: if you click from there on the full-text search, provided you have a full text search field on your faceted search, everything will work smoothly.

  • Default Application templates for DM and DAM have been updated.

  • A new parameter in the flavors has been added, so you 'll have to set a color for this one if you don't want the default "blue" that appears on the selected main tab.

Finally, we took your feedback into account, and now better manage the fast track transition. There is still room for improvement, but now, when you connect and your project is on a Fast Track version that is not supported anymore by Studio (e.g. 5.7.2), Studio forces you to go the target version setting screen where you can set an existing value (you may want to migrate to 5.8 currently). Also note the new download link beside the target platform making it easy for you to get the correct version of Nuxeo!

We hope you will like this new release and make great use of it! For the next few months we plan to focus on usability of existing features, putting an emphasis on the user experience. We do not plan to add too many new capabilities. We will start with improving the application templates feature, a key piece for bootstrapping your configuration with some existing templates, making Studio easier to use.