Nuxeo StudioNuxeo Studio 2.9 has been released. If you are a customer, you already have access to this new version, because it’s a hosted environment. You just get the gift of new features and improvements. Happy Holidays!

Highlights of this version include:

  • Team collaboration: allows multiple users to collaborate on a Nuxeo Studio project simultaneously, improving productivity. An auto-locking mechanism with real time releasing and presence management was implemented to support this feature. If you're already a Nuxeo Online Services client, and you’d like to have access to this feature, please contact your account manager or the support team.

  • Improved complex type management with the ability to configure content views that leverage complex queries and to display complex properties in the result set, without limiting the depth of the complex schema, and without performance costs.

  • Improved workflow graph: the generic square has been replaced by more explicit symbols, to better indicate start and merge/fork nodes on the workflow graph.

  • Improved form management in the tab designer, as well as better control of component display.

  • Faceted search configuration: enables definition of multiple named sets of filters on the faceted search module. This feature is available on the 5.7 version of the Nuxeo Platform, which is currently in development. You are welcome to download and install the 5.7 version so you can play with this new feature.

For full details on Nuxeo Studio 2.9, see the release notes.

This short screencast demonstrates how easy it is to configure faceted search with Nuxeo Studio.

If you’re not already using Nuxeo Studio, you should be. Nuxeo Studio helps application developers and solution architects speed time to deployment of their content management applications - from weeks to days - with a graphical customization and configuration toolset, reducing or eliminating the need for custom code. To start a 30-day trial of Nuxeo Studio, simply download the Nuxeo Platform and follow the installation wizard.