We've just published the second in our ongoing Nuxeo Studio "How-To" quick start series. Haven't heard about Nuxeo Studio yet? It's been the hottest thing we've done this year (so far...)

As a hosted design environment for our Connect subscribers and Galaxy Partners, we've now got hundreds of companies signed up and actively building content management apps & feature enhancements specifically for their own business needs. When we talk about "ECM as a Platform"... Nuxeo Studio is where we put our money where our mouth is: we give you the simple, graphical, wizard-like tools to build the apps and extensions you need.

This week's tip is how to build Actionable Buttons that trigger a custom chain of operations to handle or manage your electronic content in the context of your common business processes. In this scenario (just over 2 minutes...) we step you through the complete process to design, create and implement an approval/validation custom button to fast-track the content review activities commonly done by your busy knowledge workers. No hassle, fully backwards compatible with future Nuxeo releases, link key approval activities with metadata, status and lifecycle actions and deliver it to your end-users in one easy click.

Still not using Nuxeo Studio? Well... try or buy by contacting us here.

And September is "Back to Studio" month here at Nuxeo. Our weekly Wednesday webinars are back on track - weekly sessions highlighting the key features of Nuxeo Studio in an online, live, interactive forum where our experts can answer your questions and provide real-world tips.