Nuxeo Studio 31 was released in March and Thibaud has already listed the new features in one of his previous blog. Let’s take a closer look today at one of those features: creating a layout from a schema.

Creating a Layout From a Schema

In “Listings & Views” > “Form Layouts”, you can now create a layout from a schema or a document, and Nuxeo Studio will automatically add all the fields of the schema. This will save you a lot of time :)

Here’s an example to help you understand the steps. Let’s create a new schema called “Invoice”.

The first interesting thing is that you can now set the type of a field to “Directory”, “User/Group”, or “Document”, in addition to the types previously available, such as “Integer”, “String”, “Boolean”, etc.

We can add several new fields and choose various types.

Document Schema: Invoice

In “Listings & Views” > “Form Layouts”, we can also create a new Form Layout from the schema “Invoice”:

Create Form Layout

Nuxeo Studio will save you time by directly adding all the fields from the selected schema to the layout:


This means that you no longer have to drag and drop all the fields to the layout. You can simply reorganize them the way you want or delete the ones you don’t want.

Not only that, the corresponding widget is automatically selected depending on the type of the field (instead of the default “Text” type). In the example below you can see that correct widget is selected for the field “Sales Representative” of “User/Group” field type.

layout Widget Editor

This will definitely save you time and make your Studio experience better! Try it out and see for yourself!