Nuxeo Studio 2.7 has been released and so much is going on at Nuxeo that I didn’t have time to blog about the hottest new feature of the 2.6 version: the tab designer.

If you use Nuxeo Studio regularly, you may have noticed that we released an update two months ago of the service that provides the target Nuxeo 5.6 snapshot/Nuxeo 5.6 RC. If you update your Studio project for this target platform, you will discover a few changes in the organization of features on the left, and, among the new ones: tabs and forms layout. What is the purpose here? You are now able to create new tabs and define their content using Studio. These tabs are displayed on the targeted document types, for targeted user profiles only. In a Studio-designed tab, you can display sets of document properties (metadata), toggleable forms, results of document queries (content views), and custom button bars. You can add as many of them as you want/need and you are able to organize them using a grid pattern that is inspired from what you find in many grid css frameworks these days.

This is a really big step forward, because it makes the Nuxeo Platform, in conjunction with Studio, the perfect platform for managing complex data when security, audit and lifecycle are important aspects of the problem. By using the tab designer and content queries, you can very quickly provide custom business views on top of your persistent content - optimizing your workers’ activities and simplifying the ergonomy of the app, while staying 100 % generic. What is done from Nuxeo Studio is 100% guaranteed to work with future versions of the platform.

Behind the scenes, tab designer leverages Nuxeo layouts. It is actually an extension of the work that had been done to be able to configure the summary layout.

We already have a customer using this approach to manage more than 500 properties on a single document - the properties are displayed in multiple tabs and sub-documents. Coupled with other characteristics of the platform, such as ease of import/export, this new feature makes Nuxeo Platform a good one for complex content authoring projects.

To test this new feature and make sure it is ready for the Nuxeo Platform 5.6 version, I have updated my generic time off request workflow plugin, all made with Studio. I managed to get rid of any notion of "document," and really simplify and optimize all the views of the workflow.

Here are some pics.

A tab added to create the HR dasboard of the user, on the HR Container document type. Depending on the user permissions some parts are displayed and some are hidden, leveraging layout and widgets framework capability

Configuration from Studio

My next blog post will be about using the new Content Routing module for the workflow part -- stay tuned !