In the past, I may have already said, wrote and sung(1) how Nuxeo Studio is a wonderful, magical and awesome online tool, how it makes it easy for you to configure your Rich Content Management Applications.

Nuxeo Studio Version 31 was released a week ago, on March 2, 2016, and it brings some killer new features.

Welcome to Nuxeo Studio Version 31

Today, I will summarize some of the main features. In the upcoming weeks we will be writing more about the features in detail. Since this is a Nuxeo Studio Rocks blog, let’s have a playlist to listen to while reading. As this new version brings happiness, let’s play a song that brings happiness too ;) It’s a 1970’s version of Do-Re-Mi, by Sparks (and yes, it’s a playlist of one song.)

Let’s get started.


Now, in “Resources”, you have this nice editor_areaicon, which lets you to edit the file in Studio. No need to download/Modify/Upload a file. This is a huge time saver.


This is probably the biggest feature update. From a better user experience to improved core business features, you have it all in Version 31! For example, you can now quickly set and see which schemas are inherited in a Document Type:


You can also set the type of a field to “Directory”, “User/Group” or “Document”. The value is then always resolved at runtime. And this also works for REST calls - definitely a huge, huge (yes, repeating “huge” here) time saver and simplification.

Field Type

Here’s yet another new feature: You can set a field’s constraint/validation in Studio, such as, maximum text length, a pattern for a String field (typically, eMail validation), etc. Studio also comes with predefined patterns.

Notice that all these features exist in the platform itself since LTS 2015, and you must have already used them. But now, you can do the same in Studio in just seconds.


In “Listing & Views” > “Form Layouts”, you can now create a layout from a schema or a document, and Studio will automatically add all the fields of the schema. So you just have to remove the ones you don’t need or re-organize if you wish, which is faster than dragging & dropping all the fields you want to display.

Also, in a layout when you use a “User/Group”, “Directory”, or “Document” field, the corresponding widget is automatically selected (instead of the default “Text” widget).

And More…

This version also comes with features that may look like details, but will make you feel very good(2). For example, when you create a new workflow, the Start and Stop nodes are already created. Previously, right after creating a workflow, a nice red label told you there was an error (missing start/end node). This may look like a detail, but I just love it.

Here’s another one - no need to open a Complex field to see its properties, they are displayed below the field name!

Version 31 of Nuxeo Studio will be remembered as The One Bringing Happiness.

(1) You probably never heard me singing, which is sad because you would have a taste of what my colleagues endure all day long. (2) Yes. Feels so good.