The Nuxeo Workflow Engine has been around since Nuxeo Platform 5.6 and so has the Graph Editor in Nuxeo Studio. It was doing a great job but we wanted to show a better workflow graph from the platform UI when a workflow is running (not just for simple workflows but also for the most complex ones which could appear visually challenging). Several improvements were added along the way, such as transition coloring and branding of the nodes, but it was time for something bigger and much better! With our latest Fast Track release - Nuxeo Platform 7.1 and Studio 22, we added an improved workflow graph editor which made even the most complex workflow look like a visual treat!

If you are new to Workflows in Nuxeo, our documentation center will tell you everything there is to know about them:

Before and After

Here is a small before and after comparison of what you see when you display the workflow graph of a running workflow in the Nuxeo Platform 6.0 vs 7.1.

Serial Review of Workflow in Nuxeo Platform 6.0

Serial Review of workflow in Nuxeo Platform 7.1

All fine observers in the room will notice that it improved greatly, thanks to the following improvements of the graph editor.

  • Grid Mapping

Drop anything in the editor and it will fall into place nicely, thanks to the new grid in the background. No more struggling to align objects!

Grid Snapping in workflow graph editor

  • Control over transition layout

When you have many transitions in the workflow they tend to cover each other up, and that’s not good for readability. What you really want is to be able to move them so the workflow looks better. Now you can! So, go ahead and be creative about the transitions!

Transition Layout in workflow graph editor

  • Branding

While we were at it, we also improved user experience by working on the display of transition and tasks. I personally like the bigger transitions and how they cross each other. (it’s not a gif this time, so don’t wait for it to animate :) )

transition crossing in workflow graph editor

We started this blog by looking at the default serial review from the platform UI, let’s finish it with a visual from the graph editor this time. This is what you will see.

Visual from the graph editor in Nuxeo Platform 7.1

You can now truly unleash the power of Nuxeo Workflows and still have a great-looking workflow graph in the end!