As you may have already seen on the web, we are announcing a big
transition for our ECM platform: we are switching from the Zope application server to the Java platform.

Nuxeo 5.0, successor of
CPS, will be entirely based on the Java platform. It benefits from modern
java technologies such as Java EE 5, JSF, JBoss SEAM, OSGi, etc. This transition started 8 month
ago, when we have begun to integrate Java component into CPS. We, then,
evaluated technologies from the java world, figured out that Java 5 was a
big improvement, made some tests and research and finally decided to go with
it for our next products.

This may be a big surprise for our long-term users and developers, but we
believe we have made the right choice. Furthermore, we are not abandoning
CPS, which will be supported for at least 3 years. We are taking it to the
next level.

The new platform is still under intensive development and you can expect
more announcements in a few days...

Nuxeo 5 will be available in 2 editions:

  • Nuxeo Enterprise Platform to deploy large scale ECM solutions

  • Nuxeo Rich Client Platform to create ECM oriented desktop

Nuxeo 5 introduces some innovative approaches and technologies:

  • Nuxeo
    Write once, deploy anywhere

    • Platform independent deployment and extension system (inspired by
      Eclipse’s extension point) that can be use to make any Java 5 / Java EE
      application easily extensible through plugins.

    • OSGi-based bundle model

    • Deploy to any Java platform through adapters (it currently includes
      adapters for JBoss and Eclipse)

  • Nuxeo
    “an embeddable enterprise content management

    • Full-featured document / content management engine

    • Based on the JCR API for persistence

    • Offers POJO and Java EE API

    • Offers a smart and powerful SQL-like language for querying
      the repository (Eclipse BIRT
      data source available)

    • Fully extensible through plugins

    • Deployable on JBoss and Eclipse

  • A set of
    components that forms the ECM platform

The first public and stable release of Nuxeo 5 is due for
November 15.

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(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)