Julien BoucquillonLast Monday was our second Nuxeo Tech Talk, held in our Paris Office. The goal of these Meetups is to have open discussions about technologies used by Nuxeo developers.

This time we invited Julien Boucquillon to talk about "AngularJS for Mobile" and our own Damien Metzler talked about AngularJS in the Nuxeo Platform.

If you follow this blog, you know that we have been working with AngularJS for a little while now, and are pretty happy about it. But so far we have not tried it in a mobile context. So it was really interesting to have someone give us some context and real-life tips about writing mobile apps with AngularJS.

Damien Metzler

Julien started by explaining how the two way binding works, how it's not magical at all and how quick it can become costly, especially on mobile browsers. So he gave us some tips and tools to control this. Take a look at his slide deck on his website. It contains some nice code snippets, which makes it very real and comprehensive.

Then Damien explained what we do with AngularJS. He started by presenting quickly the Nuxeo Platform and how sometimes customers want to write a new application from scratch. This is why we've tried AngularJS. And we quickly realized that we needed a REST API to manipulate documents or users directly instead of using Content Automation. Then he went on to show a sample application with code snippets and finally explained what we want to do at Nuxeo in the near future with REST APIs.

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