Since we launched Hyland University in 2015, it has evolved into a fundamental learning resource for all Nuxeo Platform users. Here at Nuxeo, we believe that providing free and structured access to our knowledge base is a key differentiator, and part of our overall “open kitchen” philosophy.

Hyland University delivers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring best practices are applied during Nuxeo projects
  • Ensuring your team is able to learn autonomously on the platform
  • Validating learner expertise with our open certification program
  • Ensuring project teams are aware of product updates and are notified when new content becomes available

Let’s illustrate how Hyland University can improve your learning experience: Has anyone ever heard someone (a developer, a functional user, an administrator, a solution architect, etc.) ask, “Hey! Where’s the documentation?” Or how about, “ How can I do this?” which is generally answered with a response something to the effect of, “Hum, just Google it.” Perhaps you end up in a developer forum that cites highly-outdated information. Maybe you can’t get access to the documentation because you need credentials. In the best case, there’s something documented, but it doesn’t have all of details you need.

Nuxeo is an open source platform, and we’ve developed Hyland University as open bar learning space!

Our goal with Hyland University is to help our community better understand every aspect of our platform.

With that in mind, Hyland University aims at facilitating product onboarding:

  • We have structured Learning Plans, which contain a set of pedagogical content (structured in a particular sequence) to present specific platform concepts. We also have a “getting started” section that explains how to ramp up your expertise and become a Nuxeo master.

Getting started” page on Hyland University

“Getting started” page on Hyland University

  • Pedagogical contents are classified by learning areas (configuration, development, administration and architecture, end-user features) and by content type (videos, courses, expert sessions, certifications) so that you can easily explore any particular platform topic, and easily become specialist in configuration or development.

Pedagogical content classified by learning area

Pedagogical content classified by learning area

  • A great way to develop your skills is to participate in our certification program. Targeting a specific certification allows you to structure your learning process. Our certification program is free and organized by grade level and specialty. For each certification, we provide you with the associated training activities and plans.

We also believe it’s essential that we communicate and interact with the Nuxeo community. This is why we’ve created Hyland University newsletters, and frequently provide updates about the platform via the notification center. We’re also developing exercises and contests to get feedback about Hyland University, your skills, and how we can improve the experience.

We strongly recommend that our customers, partners, prospects, and others in the Nuxeo community take advantage of Hyland University. Whether you’re a new Nuxeo consultant with the mandate of following the Hyland University onboarding process, or if you want to take the Nuxeo Platform Quickstart course to learn more about Nuxeo project configuration - Hyland University is your go-to learning resource!