Dashboard displayed in the Home view Nuxeo UX Lab dashboard view

I recently wrote a blog to present the Nuxeo UX Lab, where I talked about our experiments with a new UI. This new UI enabled a quick access to documents and had improved collaboration tools to make it more user friendly.

At Nuxeo, we value your feedback and always try our best to meet and exceed your expectations. So we launched a UX survey for our users to know what matters the most and what they want to see in our next releases. We looked at the results and I am happy to say that you’ll love the Nuxeo LTS 2016 Roadmap!

I will briefly summarize the results of this survey and give you a sneak peek into the UI side of things that we are working on for the upcoming releases.

What Users Liked Most in the Nuxeo UX Lab

First of all, a warm thanks to everyone for exploring the Nuxeo UX Lab and giving us your feedback! Your feedback helps in boosting our energy to create better products and services.

Full Document view to improve readability Nuxeo UX Lab document view

The survey showed that our users liked the clean and simple UI. We kept that in mind as a guideline for our next development cycles.

The document view and the available actions in the sticky toolbar was another hit among the users. We are now working on further improving the current document view to make the actions even more accessible.

The users also loved the new Navigation and the reactiveness of the Nuxeo UX Lab and we are now putting in more effort to make the browsing between tabs, folders, tasks, and actions much smoother than before.

Most of all, everyone loved the side panel, which allows quick access to tasks and makes collaboration among teams very easy and pleasant. For the upcoming releases, our focus will be more on this side panel and the task notifier.

What Users Want to See in the Nuxeo Platform Web UI

The Nuxeo UX Lab has been created to experiment and test. Based on the survey, we found the main things our users want for the next Nuxeo Platform release:

  • a foldable right panel to have shortcut access
  • a better flow for tasks to treat them more efficiently
  • an access to actions on table row to perform simple actions on the documents listed
  • a simplified document view for more efficiency while working on it

We are currently working on the Nuxeo Roadmap to meet these requirements!

What’s Next: a Better UX for All Products and Services!

Besides the features mentioned above, we will also work on redesigning the Nuxeo Web Mobile application that will keep you up to date with your team’s timeline, notifications and tasks. In addition to these improvements and exciting projects on the Nuxeo Platform, we’ll put a great effort in improving the Nuxeo Studio experience by letting you customize the platform any way you want in a jiffy! And we won’t stop there! We also want to make the Nuxeo Online Services a key of success for your projects. So, we’ll work on that too.

2016 will be the year of an amazing product experience. Can’t wait to be in the future!